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Stephanie Sanzo in Workout Gear Shares "Back and Biceps Workout"

Here’s how she stays in shape.

Stephanie Sanzo is a fitness trainer and influencer. She even has her own clothing line. Sanzo recently shared a set of back and bicep workouts on Instagram. She captioned the post, "Here's a workout to strengthen and build your BACK & BICEPS 🔥💪1. T Bar Rows 10,8,5,10. 2. Lat Pulldowns 4×10. 3. Single Arm High Rows 4x12ea. 4. Single Arm Cable Pulldown 4x15ea. 5. Preacher Curls 15,12,10,15. 6. Alternating Dumbbell Curls 4×15." How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Stephanie Sanzo stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She Builds Muscle

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Sanzo shared her secrets for building muscle in this Instagram reel's caption. "Here's a simple formula to creating a well structured workout for muscle growth: ✅ Perform a Heavy Barbell Movement and focus on good technique to improve your overall strength. ✅ Perform a Machine Based Movement and focus pushing to failure to maximise growth. ✅ Perform a Unilateral Movement and focus on individual leg / arm strength to prevent imbalances. ✅ Perform an Isolation (Single Joint) Movement and focus on achieving a deep mind muscle connection to improve symmetry and muscular activation."


She Works Her Legs

Sanzo doesn't skip leg day. She shared some of her favorite workouts in this Instagram video. Sanzo captioned the post, "This workout was targeting the GLUTES & QUADS 🍑🦵SAVE this post and try it for yourself 📲1. Squats 10,8,5,10. 2. Cable Step Ups 4x10ea. 3. Hip Abductions 4x20ea. 4. Leg Press 4×10. 5. Leg Extensions 4×20."


She Works Her Hips

Sanzo shared her favorite hip exercises in this Instagram post. She captioned it, "Do you know what all of these exercises have in common ?? 🤔They're all movements that involve Hip Extension 💡The muscles that are activated during Hip Extension are the GLUTES as well as the Hamstrings & Lower Back 🔥Hip Extension movements are great to develop thickness / pop in the glute muscles 🍑Be sure to download my app LIFTit and try out the 'Peach Strong' Program for Glute Focused workouts (which contains similar movements to this)."


She Works Her Back

Sanzo makes sure to work her back. She shared her favorite exercises in this Instagram reel, captioning it, "Here's a workout to strengthen and build your BACK & REAR DELTS 🔥💪SAVE this post and try it for yourself 💯🙌1A. Chin Ups 5×5. 1B. Straight Arm Cable Pulldowns 5×10. 2. T Bar Bent Over Rows 4×8. 3. Seated 1 Arm Rows 3×10. 4. High Cable Reverse Fly's 2x20ea."


She Works Her Shoulders

Sanzo shares her favorite workouts for different body parts on Instagram. In this reel, she's seen doing shoulder exercises. Sanzo captioned the post, "Here's a Quick but Effective Dumbbell Only Workout for the SHOULDERS & BICEPS 🔥💪This sort of workout is perfect if you're short on time or equipment💡If this sounds like you – make sure you check out the Dumbbell Only Programs on my app LIFTit 📲(Available on both the App Store and Play Store). Otherwise SAVE this post and give this one a try for yourself 💯1. Hammer Curl into Lateral Raise 4×8. 2. Bicep Curl into Alternating Arnold Press 4×10. 3. Inward Leaning Single Arm Lateral Raise 4x12ea. 4. Single Arm Preacher Curl 4x15ea."

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