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Sumona Chakravarti In Workout Gear Has "Just Another Leg Day"

The star then enjoyed some avocado toast and egg for a post-sweat snack.

Indian actress Sumona Chakravarti is hitting the gym for a good leg day workout—and sharing her exercises on social media. Chakravarti, 35, shared a video of herself wearing white leggings and a yellow tank top, holding a kettlebell while doing a lower body workout on a mat. She also used an exercise ball for her back. The star then enjoyed some avocado toast and egg for a post-sweat snack. "Just another leg day," reads the text over her video. Chakravarti's hard work and discipline really show when it comes to her health and fitness routine—here's how she does it.


Hiking In the Mountains

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Chakravarti loves to escape the Mumbai heat by going hiking in the mountains. Those who want to give their workouts an extra edge could try speed hiking. "Speed hiking involves the same muscle groups as running but with less stress on joints," Keoghan Bellew, PT at Fitness Superstore tells Women's Fitness. "It strengthens and tones legs, glutes, upper body and core. Regular speed walks will boost your cardiovascular health as you spend more time with your heart rate in the moderate-intensity zone."


Healthy Lifestyle

Chakravarti enjoys a balanced diet without whole food groups being eliminated. "I don't believe in the concept of sugar-free," she told TellyChakkar. "I have my tea and coffee with normal sugar. I guess to live a healthy lifestyle the most important aspect is to have quality sleep, keep your body hydrated and never skip breakfast."


Chakravarti Keeps Her Makeup Light

Chakravarti keeps her makeup light and focuses on good skincare. "I have to admit that I am blessed with good skin so I wear very light and minimal makeup," she told TinselGupshup. "Having said that, I am very particular about the quality of my makeup, good quality is an absolute must. I rarely get break-outs and mostly I get a heat boil so I just let them be and they go away in a day or two. The important thing is that I make sure not to touch them. My regimen involves basic cleansing, toning and moisturizing twice a day without fail. I have been following this regimen since I was 16."


Embracing Her Beauty

Chakravarti says the best advice she ever received was to embrace her beautiful natural looks. "Earlier, I would avoid eyeliner and I would use my base to reduce the size of my lips but then someone told me that I am blessed with beautiful big eyes and full lips so I should not hide them instead I should flaunt them!" she told TinselGupshup. "I used to be very conscious about my big eyes and lips but now people tell me that my lips remind them of Angelina Jolie… and mine are 100% natural!! So now, I don't downplay my lips and eyes!"


Gym Sessions and Swimming

Chakravarti works out and swims to stay fit and energized. "I go to gym [three times] a week and swimming four times a week; this is the simple way I manage to stay fit," she told TellyChakkar. "I don't have any diet plan; I eat everything but avoid eating junk food, and have just homemade food. I also make it a point to eat every two to three hours and never overeat."

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