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Sunday Night Football's Maria Taylor Shares Swimsuit Photo of "Soft Life"

This is how she stays in shape.

Maria Taylor is a prominent sports reporter. She used to be a sideline interviewer and worked on ESPN. She currently appears on NBC's Sunday Night Football. Taylor enjoyed a vacation with a friend, and shared a highlight reel on Instagram. In it, she is seen on a boat and spending time by the waterfall. Taylor captioned the post, "Soft life." How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Maria Taylor stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She Focuses On Herself

Maria Taylor/Instagram

Taylor opened up about her career to Red & Black. She says that she had to focus on herself when she was starting out. "When I turned the TV on, there was no one that looked like me in college football, so in my mind, there was almost a glass ceiling for how far I could go in this industry," Taylor said. "But then I realized that I can't concern myself with what has happened in the past. It's about how well I'm running my race. This is my lane, this is my focus, and if I'm doing a good job, I'll be elevated to positions I never dreamed of."


She's Not Hard On Herself

Maria Taylor/Instagram

Taylor tells Red & Black that she had to change her approach to her career to avoid being hard on herself. "When you start off with one mindset, you think you're supposed to be doing this one thing, and you're not good enough, or you don't measure up, so I felt like I failed," Taylor said. "And then I realized that it's not a failure; it's just a changing of the course. Just because you change your course a little bit, doesn't mean that it's the end of the world, or you're a failure at life."


She Has Strong Faith

Maria Taylor/Instagram

Taylor has strong faith, and talked about this in an essay with Guide Posts. "I became more intentional about my faith. I read the Bible. I joined a Bible study. I prayed a lot and sought out a church. Sports were still important—and still are. But I came to see how the wins and losses of life were so much more manageable when you had a real relationship with a higher power."


She's Confident

Maria Taylor/Instagram

Taylor shared some of her pieces of advice with The Oklahoman. She says that she has learned to be confident with her career. "Just understand that you belong wherever you are. As you're climbing the ladder, don't ever feel ostracized. Don't ever feel less than. Because you are probably more than in most situations and the more you trust and believe that, the better off you'll be as you ascend in a male-dominated field."


She Believes In Diversity In Her Workplace

Maria Taylor/Instagram

Taylor is an advocate for diversity in her workplace. She talked about this to The Oklahoman. "Women don't have a direct access to the people who are making decisions in those areas. Minorities don't have direct access to the people that are making decisions in the front office. So trying to create a database of kids that are working towards that goal and people that are interested in employing those kids. That's what I want to be apart of because now I've got the rolodex to help that. Now I just have to reach back and help people move forward. That's very important to me."

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