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Super Mario Star Anya Taylor-Joy Shares Swimsuit Photo in Dior

Here are her top lifestyle tips.

Anya Taylor-Joy is modeling in her swimsuit. In a new social media post the newlywed shows off her amazing body in a Dior bathing suit top for a magazine photo shoot. "Getting down and dirty in @dior for the cover @oddamagazine 🐉Thank you for such a fun day," she captioned the series of Instagram snaps. "Hot as hell," commented one of her followers. "Iconic as always," added another. How does the actress keep herself fit? Celebwell rounded up her top diet and fitness tips. 


Be a Vegetarian


Anya maintains a meat-free diet. "I've been a vegetarian since I was eight, so I don't touch meat or fish. I was vegan for a long time I got into it because it's the most ecologically conscious choice you can make as a consumer," she told Harper's Bazaar. "When I was a vegan it was the healthiest I've ever felt, because I had so much energy. I was eating a ton because I have a really big appetite and was getting in more greens. As a vegetarian I love a lot of Italian food – but I don't get that many greens in there!"




Anya sometimes takes dance fitness classes. "I used to be a ballet dancer. I haven't danced properly now for a couple of years, but I do one exercise class and immediately my poise comes back, and my muscles remember," she revealed to Harper's Bazaar. "I always dance first thing in the morning, silly crazy dancing. I do it to at least three songs, because it sets me up for the day. "I do really miss how strong my body used to be, so I'm getting back into dancing properly," she added. 


Do Pilates


Anya recently started Pilates.  "I just did my first Pilates reformer class and loved it – so I'm trying to find a way of incorporating exercise more into my routine simply because you have to be strong to do this job," she told Harper's Bazaar. 




Anya also fights her way to a hot body with kickboxing. "If you're not taking care of yourself, you are not going to make it. It's too demanding on you physically – you need that strength. But also, I just have too much energy and it is better for me to put it into something like boxing than to be let loose into the world with it!" she explained to Harper's Bazaar. 


Take a Bath

"My mum instilled in me a deep love of baths. I love baths! I think that would be my primary form of self-care. Baths have really helped me through lockdown," she told Vogue. "I like to make a ritual out of them. I'm big into the salts, and I make my own blend of essential oils for whatever it is that I want the water to give me. I'm a very spiritual person, so I love the act of getting into a bath, cleansing yourself, and then allowing whatever it is that you want to get rid of just stay in the tub. Recently, I've been using a lot of almond oil in the bath, which, hazard warning: It makes it very slippery. For anyone trying this at home, make sure you're holding onto something when you step out of it! Along with almond oil, I've been using a lot of sandalwood, jasmine, and lavender if it's nighttime, because it's just gorgeous." How can baths do your body and mind good? They have been linked to better sleep and even found helpful to minimize anxiety and depression. One recent study even found that they may even boast cardiovascular benefits.

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