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Surfer Caroline Marks Shares Swimsuit Photos of "Best Year Yet"

Here are her lifestyle habits.

Caroline Marks is celebrating an epic year – in her swimsuit. In a recent social media post the professional surfer and 2023 WSL Women's World Tour Champion shows off her amazing body in a bathing suit while commemorating the past 365 days. "2023. Best year yet," she captioned a series of Instagram snaps. How does the 21-year-old approach health and wellness and keep herself ready to hit the waves? Celebwell rounded up her top lifestyle habits. 


Raw, Whole Foods


Caroline focuses her diet around raw, whole foods. "I've always eaten healthy and eaten those foods, but I have been more educated in the last year about nutrition. I love food and learning about it," she tells Women's Health.



Caroline's main method of blasting calories is surfing. She told Women's Health that she shreds for a whopping four hours a day. According to the Australian government's Better Health, surfing provides many health benefits including cardiovascular fitness from paddling, shoulder and back strength, which also strengthens from the paddling, and leg and core strength. "Once you're standing up on the board, strong legs and a strong core will keep you up," they say. 


Gym Workouts

Caroline told Women's Health that she also trains for one hour a day, adding to The Red Bulletin that the gym is where she works on balance and fitness. "Let's say I'm going to a long point break like Jeffreys Bay. I have to make the first turn as strong as the last turn. It's really hard to do, because my legs get tired. Sometimes, I have to surf four heats in a day, and I obviously can't just stop. There's a big agility ladder at my gym and I try to keep my feet going as fast as I can. I want to keep my heart rate up as long as possible. It's a lot of fast-twitch motions, too," she explained. "At the gym, I stand on a balance ball on one leg. My trainer will throw a medicine ball to me and I have to catch it one-handed. He doesn't tell me which side he's throwing to. It's super random. A lot of the most important work is done before the contest even starts."


Here Is What She Eats in a Day


Caroline fuels up with oatmeal in the morning, topping it with apples, bananas, or blueberries. "I add almond butter for more calories if I know I'll have a long day," she added to Women's Health. For lunch, she relies on grab-and-go meals like quinoa bowls, salads, tofu, and nuts or a garden salad with cucumbers, bell peppers, and chicken. "Dinner is however I feel—sometimes it's steak, chicken, salmon, or other times I have a vegan day," she added, revealing that her favorite carb to add is sweet potato. She also enjoys salmon with broccoli. One thing you won't find her eating? Dairy products. 



Caroline also fuels up with smoothies. "Mango is my favorite fruit ever," says Caroline. "So I'll just do mango with ice, strawberries, and blueberries." Her go-to green smoothie is a blend of spinach, ginger, celery, and apple.

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