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Survivor Star Kendra McQuarrie Shares Swimsuit Photo of "Winner"

She’ll always be a winner.

Survivor star Kendra McQuarrie may not have won the show—but according to her social media, she won in other ways. McQuarrie shared a picture of herself back in Taos County, New Mexico, posing in a bright one-piece swimsuit while sipping on a drink. "Winner winner chicken dinner," she captioned the post. "Loving this vibe for you!" a fan commented. Here's what McQuarrie has to say about her time on the show.


Grateful For Survivor

McQuarrie is philosophical about her time on Survivor. "I just got blindsided and I'm just bummed at myself for not following my gut even though I'm a gut player," she says. "I don't even care that I'm starving, I don't even care that it's raining… I love feeling alive and free and having an adventure. This is the greatest adventure I've ever had and I'm so grateful for the opportunity."


She Loves a Challenge

McQuarrie loves new adventures. "I love to challenge myself and put myself in situations to grow as a person," she says. "Survivor checks all the boxes for me as far as an adventure goes and then some! Walking the Camino Primitivo in Spain by myself definitely prepared me for this game! Walking alone over 15 miles in a day in a new country with nothing but my backpack showed me how determined and resourceful I am."


She's a Comedian

Kendra McQuarrie/Instagram

McQuarrie loves making people laugh. "I've been told I'm intimidating," she says. "I stand at around 5'10". I have broad shoulders. I am confident; I definitely walk into a room with purpose. I hold myself very high. And I have a big personality. So, I take up a lot of space, but I'm hoping that I am also really goofy. I was the class clown in elementary school, middle school, high school. I was a stand-up comedian. I'm always trying to do something to make people laugh. And so I'm hoping that my goofiness, lightheartedness, and ability to make literally anything into a joke kind of takes that off."


Relating To Contestants

Kendra McQuarrie/Instagram

McQuarrie relates to past Survivor contestants. "I see bits of myself in a lot of strong female players, like Amanda, Michele, and Kim," she says. "But the first player I really connected with is Carolyn from season 44! Like her, I am not afraid to be myself and let my freak flag fly. I love her authenticity and hope to bring that into the game myself."


She's Spiritual

McQuarrie is very much into the spiritual side of life. "I'm a spiritual 'woo' girl," she says. "I freaking love astrology. I'm wearing coyote teeth on my earrings. I have all these tattoos; I have crazy hair. I can also pretty much recite any rap song that you throw my way. So I am a lot in one. And I hope that people don't see the competitive, intimidating part of me. I'm trying to give off more, "I'm happy-go-lucky. I love to travel. Astrology." I'm trying to play not as aware and observant as I am, but also still be myself because that is still myself."

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