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Sushmita Sen in Workout Gear Shares Back Workout

“From setBACK to comeBACK."

Sushmita Sen is rebuilding her back – in her workout gear. In a new social media post the Indian actress shares a photo from her back workout at the gym. "From setBACK to comeBACK," she wrote in the caption. "When positivity BACKsup…Negativity BACKsdown!!! #backstory #spinetalk #builditstrong #workinprogress 🤗👊❤️I love you guys!!! #duggadugga #yourstruly 😍." How does the star approach diet and fitness? Celebwell has the details on her health habits. 


Aerial Silks

Sushmita injured her back in 2006 when she suffered a slipped disc. "Restricted from working out and doing a lot else, I ended up with tons of weight," she told Times of India. "I could have complained about a bad back for the rest of my life or done something about it." She then discovered aerial silks. "AS is a mix of yoga, dancing, ballet and one of the most disciplined martial arts, Kallaripayatu. It's now a part of my everyday workout and on days, when I am not doing it, I do stretches. They give me a blood rush to stay charged throughout the day and keep my skin glowing. Because you are using your own body weight, each and every muscle is working out, leaving you toned," she said. She also loves the "meditative feel" it gives her. "You need to have the ability to lift the entire weight of your body to perform it -this comes with practice. Beginners find it tough, and must start slow, but anyone can do it really, and once you are into it, it's pure bliss."


Different Workouts Throughout the Week


"My workout keeps changing through the week," Sushmita added to Times of India. "It switches between internal training -walking, running, skipping, and strengthening. I don't like the idea of working out for hours, but keeping my body active from head to toe works. I am not enthusiastic about weight-training, like I was earlier." Her trainer, Nupur Shikhare, added that she weight trains four times a week for two hours a session.  "She is currently working on bodyweight training and flexibility. Mobility is another key area that you'll find her focusing on—core strengthening, head-to-toe mobility and shoulder rotations are a prominent feature of her regimen," he told Vogue. 


New Techniques

Shikhare revealed to Vogue that his star client likes to try new workouts. "What really characterizes Sushmita Sen is her drive and enthusiasm for trying out new things. She is extremely clued into the latest workouts and I constantly have her coming up with new innovations that she'd like to incorporate into her regimen. She spends hours researching new techniques in minute detail, and often breaks them down and tries them out on her own to figure out how they work for her," he continued. "Sen believes that working out at the gym will keep you healthy but trying new things can challenge you even further," he said. 


Balanced Diet


Sushmita detailed her diet to Times of India. Her breakfast is a bowl of fruit and a glass of warm water followed by "two toasts with six egg whites made like a French toast. Two hours later, I eat a pear," she said. Two hours later, she eats lunch, "half a bowl of black dal, one bowl of gobi sabji, a piece of fish cooked in foil with ginger and coriander, one bowl of rice and two rotis. Evening snack is limited to four biscuits. Two hours later, I have a glass of vegetable juice," she continued. For dinner she eats half a bowl of dal, beans and one measured bowl of onion-cucumber raita or plain dahi with masala. "Sometimes, I have two rotis and three egg whites," she added. "Luckily, I don't have a sweet tooth. I usually don't include sugar in my meals."




Sushmita also does yoga. "What a feeling it is to find balance & stability after all the failed attempts," she captioned aInstagram post. 



She also prioritizes hydration. "I ensure I have at least 14 glasses of water through the day," she told Times of India. According to the Mayo Clinic, hydration is important for a variety of reasons. Water helps get rid of waste through urination, perspiration, and bowel movements, keeps your temperature normal, lubricates and cushions joints, and helps protect sensitive tissues.



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