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Tamar Braxton In One-Piece Workout Gear Says "Friday Feeling Good"

What’s Tamar up to now?

Tamar Braxton is sparking off gossip with a recent social media post. Braxton, 47, shared a video of herself wearing black one-piece workout gear and sneakers, walking down the stairs of a mansion. "Friday feeling good 🍯," she captioned the post. "That's definitely Tyrese house BUT let's not jump to conclusions he does have a full studio in his house and our girl Tamar is a whole artist sooooo let's keep it cute 😅," a fan commented. Braxton is thriving in her 40s—here's how the star stays fit, beautiful, and happy.


Spinning Queen


Braxton gets her workouts out of the way first thing. "I get up at about 5 a.m. because I want to be in my spinning seat at 6 o'clock," she told The Cut. "The kind of spinning I do is like Bikram spinning; it's a hotbox and it completely changed my life. After I work out, I go to The Real. I take a shower, start my glam, and then I have a light breakfast. For breakfast I really like a juice from this place called Kreation in L.A. I like 'Enlightened' — it's the most delicious beet juice I've ever had."


No Foundation

Braxton prefers a light hand when it comes to her makeup. "I try not to wear a whole lot of foundation because it's just too hot," she said at the ESSENCE Live Stage. "I also do a lot of blotting to keep [my face] nice and smooth. The number one thing for me is that I can only wash my face with Dove soap. That's the only cleanser that works for me because I have very sensitive skin."


Remember Tae Bo?

Braxton swears by Bikram spinning and Body Theory. "I've been doing the Bikram spinning class for maybe six months," she told The Cut. "I'm so addicted to it, and I've also gotten a lot of people from The Real to get up early and come. I spin three times a week, and the rest of the week I do Body Theory, which is basically Tae Bo. Do you remember Tae Bo? For me it makes my body go: Wow! Boom! Pow! It's the greatest ever."


Motherhood Joy

Elyse Jankowski/Billboard via Getty Images

Braxton shares son Logan with ex-husband Vincent Herbert. "It's really the biggest and my favorite blessing so far," she told E! News. "I'm very, very present. I do mom drop offs in the morning…We're having open conversation. We also have therapy together sometimes and it's the greatest relationship ever because before, when I wasn't mentally healthy, I had a very surface relationship. Now I'm able to really get in there and be a mom and be the listening ear and friend that he deserves."


Holistic Wellness

To Braxton, wellness means taking care of herself. "It doesn't matter what you have going on in your life. It doesn't matter what you've got going on — take the time to take care of your body," she told The Cut. "We only have the one body — you can't rent or buy another one and you definitely can't buy good health. What we put in our bodies is what we get out of it. You can't eat a bunch of junk and expect to be healthy, it doesn't work that way."

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