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Tara Davis-Woodhall in Workout Gear Poses With Snoop Dogg

Paris, here she comes. 

Track and field star Tara Davis-Woodhall is reveling in all the support she's receiving in the run up to Paris 2024. Davis-Woodhall, 25, shared a picture of herself wearing black leggings, a matching sweatshirt, and white sneakers, posing in front of a shop which had the words "Go Tara!" on the storefront window. "A weekend full of smiles and endless possibilities ✨💙," she captioned the post. Davis-Woodhall also included a snap of herself posing with Snoop Dogg. Here's how the athlete stays strong, fit, and ready to compete at the Olympics.


Husband-Wife Training

Davis-Woodhall loves training with husband Hunter Woodhall, something that benefits them both. "We're both definitely open to criticism, because he sees stuff that I don't see it, I see stuff that he doesn't see," she told E! News. "We both are so educated in the sport, we can also coach each other… So then he knows what I'm working on and I know what he needs to work on. We know what needs to be said and done and how it should look."


Make It Pretty

Davis-Woodhall thrives with being a professional athlete and the attention that comes with it. "There's no one in the world that just does that, so why not make it fun?" she told the LA Times. "Why make it so serious? That's what I've been saying since last year: OK fans, let's see how far a human body can go — and let's make it pretty."


Cowboy Hats

Davis-Woodhall is known for her cowboy hat and boots outfit. "It's almost another personality, it's almost another person that gets to step out on that stage," she told WWLP. "I can do it without the cowboy hat, but it's fun and it gets the people watching… Everything is temporary. I'm just taking it day by day, each moment by each moment."


Have Fun

Davis-Woodhall works hard but has a light-hearted approach. "My entire M.O. (modus operandi) is have fun," she tells CNN Sport. "I kind of just dally around and be free-spirited. When I sit down and focus, no one's home. I'm not that type of an athlete. I need to be all over the place cheering my teammates on – that's how I've always been in this sport, it's the way to keep me energized and keep me going."


Paris Olympics

Davis-Woodhall is thrilled to be heading to Paris with her husband, both competing. "I'm so pumped," she told E! News. "I'm just so pumped that he gets to come watch me and  that I get to go watch him and be in the same area for a month-and-a-half of pure grind mode, Olympic mode. This is what we've been working on. And this is what we've been waiting for. And it's going to be a special moment for sure."

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