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Taylor Momsen in Two-Piece Workout Gear Says "Ready To Rock"

Here are her lifestyle tips.

Singer and actress Taylor Momsen is preparing for a very busy 2024 with her band Pretty Reckless. Momsen, 30, shared a picture of herself at an Alo Yoga studio, posing in a two-piece black workout outfit. "Getting ready to rock #2024 next stop, recording studio," she captioned the post. "You look amazing!" a fan commented. Here's what Momsen's diet and workout routine looks like, and what's next for the star.


Dancing Queen

Momsen swears by walking to stay fit and healthy. "I used to dance. That's how I started out in fitness: I was in a dance company," she told Teen Vogue. "When I moved to New York for the show, I stopped dancing and I hit a point where I was, like, I feel so lazy! So I started going to the gym a bit, and I like it. I don't exactly have a specific thing I'm doing yet, but I'm still trying to figure it out, working with a trainer and walking. My most routine workout would be just walking around New York. I try to walk more than I take trains or cabs, but it's hard in the cold."


Healthy Food Choices


Momsen doesn't find it difficult to find healthy food options wherever she is. "It's not really hard. I pick up an apple and peanut butter," she told Teen Vogue. "Fruits are such a great on-the-go food because you grab it and go. The only time I do eat unhealthy is when I'm actually flying. There aren't really any good options in the airport… I eat a lot of apples and peanut butter. The other one isn't super healthy: I dip animal crackers in water. Call it gross but that was my comfort food growing up."


She's a Musician

Momsen's first love is music. "Personally, I don't really consider myself an actress," she tells ELLE. "I wouldn't call it a passion. It was just something I always did, I kind of didn't know anything differently and music was something I was always doing, just behind the scenes. I was always writing songs and playing instruments and singing and it just took. I had to get to a certain age and growing pains came with that because it's all me. There's no script. There's no director. There's no outside forces. It's all me."


Writing Process

Momsen finds the writing process difficult but rewarding. "Writing's a very tortuous long process where you kind of sit inside your head and kill yourself for something," she told Untitled. "If I knew where inspiration came from, I'd move there. My life, wherever…you get lucky. So whatever kind of mental space I'm in that time, I guess, is kind of where something will come from. I generally tend to write at night. You have to be lucky. You have to be at the right space at the right time at the right moment. There is no answer."


No Regrets

Momsen has no regrets about her past. "There are little things where I'll go, 'That was a mistake,'" she told NYLON. "But leaving everything else behind and solely focusing on music was the best decision I ever made, so in the grand scheme of things, no regrets. I certainly look back and there's some questionable outfit choices. Everyone's got that; I just happened to be all over the internet all the time. But even then, I don't regret them, because I look back on them now and I go, 'That's who I was.' Now… I've grown up."

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