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Tayshia Adams In Two-Piece Workout Gear Goes Hiking By the Beach

“Last stop before the city,” she captioned the post.

The Bachelorette star Tayshia Adams is getting some vitamin D and a good workout at the same time with a high-energy ocean-side excursion. Adams, 33, shared a picture of herself wearing black leggings and sports bra, taking a hike right next to a beautiful beach. "Last stop before the city," she captioned the post. "Cali and those leggings look good on you," a fan commented. Adams is fully committed to a very active and healthy lifestyle—here's what her health and wellness regimen looks like. 


Morning Routine


Adams wakes up at 6.35 a.m. every morning. "I used to start my day with coffee. I looked forward to it every night when I went to bed," she told Women's Health. "But I've been feeling like my body was missing something, so I started trying out celery juice and lemon water instead. I've noticed my body really, really likes it especially, because I really don't drink a lot of water throughout the day."


New York Pilates

Adams has a varied workout routine, and loves taking Pilates classes when she's in New York. "It wasn't really a thing back in California, but in New York, I feel like Pilates is such a hot workout," she told Bustle. "I just feel like the small movements work out these muscles that you never typically do when you work out at the gym with weights and things like that, which was my routine for the past two years."


Daily Meditation

Adams starts her day with a meditation session. "I'm really leaning into doing my meditation first off," she told Bustle. "A trick I learned quite a long time ago is not to stay in your pajamas or be in sweats. The second you roll out of bed, you put on your workout clothes. You're more inclined to do something physical or productive when you're in that state. So, after I do that, I either move my body and go to a class, or I jump into work."


Weight Training and Cardio

Adams loves weight training and running for cardio. "I'm huge on routine. I love lifting weights; I do that every Tuesday and Thursday," she told Marie Claire. "Do I know what to do in a gym? No, that's why I have to have a trainer. Weightlifting defines the body in a different way. Right now, I think I'm squatting 135 pounds. My dumbbells range between a 20, 25, and a 30. I also love to run, so I usually run either Wednesdays or Saturdays. I run at the track as opposed to running along the West Side Highway in New York. Sunday, I don't work out. That's a rest day. Monday? It depends what I want to do. Sometimes yoga."


No Food After 8 P.M.

Adams likes to wind down with tea and reading. She enjoys a Mediterranean diet and doesn't eat late at night. "My night routine has really become my thing," she told Bustle. "I don't like to eat past 8 or 8:30 p.m., so I have more time in the evening. I do a hot yoga or Pilates class, and it just allows me to decompress and get tired. Before bed, I love to take a shower, read, and drink a chamomile and lavender sleeping tea — it changes lives. Right now, I'm obviously reading a Colleen Hoover book — I mean, who's not? It's called Regretting You.

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