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Thalía Shares Swimsuit Photo Dancing to "Thalía's Mixtape"

This is how she stays so fit at 51. 

Mexican singer and actress Thalía is giving fans an inside look into the music she is listening to these days. Thalía, 51, shared an upbeat video of herself dancing and lip syncing to one of her own songs, wearing a bright pink bikini and mirrored sunglasses. "ThaliasMixtape," she tagged the post. "Total inspiration," a fan commented on the social media update. How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Thalía stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


Yoga and Cardio

Thalía likes mixing up her workouts. "My exercise routine at home varies. Like a DJ making a music remix, I try to mix a little bit of everything," she says. "Some days I only practice Sivananda yoga, which includes salutations, breathing exercises, headstands, bends, and deep relaxation. On days when I have a lot of energy and I want to be more active, I do cardio and lift weights at my home gym. When working with dumbbells, I don't go over 18 pounds, and I work different muscle groups on alternate days."


Focusing On Her Workouts

Thalía is not interested in the perfect workout for social media. "I like to be completely comfortable when I am exercising and do not feel the pressure to impress anybody while I am at the gym," she says. "I like to forget about how I look so I can fully focus on, for example, the group of muscles I am working that day, so I don't make mistakes that can get me injured. To me, keeping my belly in or making pretty faces to look more attractive when I am lifting weights is not my priority. My advice is to be comfortable, be authentic, and be true to yourself. Just be you!"


Toning Her Muscles

Thalía works hard to get muscle definition and toning. "One day I only work legs and glutes, because they are the largest sets of muscles and it takes me one full day to recover," she says. "On a different day, I work chest and biceps, and on a separate day, I work my back and triceps. I just want to get definition and get more toned… I try to do abs every day, and I always finish my routines with stretching exercises."


Her Favorite Snack


Thalía is a big fan of healthy, delicious avocados. "They're packed with good fats and fiber, which means they help you stay full longer," says Charlotte Roberts, RD. "They're also a great source of vitamins." Not only are avocados full of nutrients, they actually help the body absorb them better. "Some vitamins, like vitamin E, are especially good to get directly from food, since they don't absorb as well when you take them as supplements," Roberts says.


She Wears Sunblock

Thalía swears by good SPF to protect her skin. "I use a lot of Dr. Dennis Gross' products that I wash my face with in the morning," she says. "He has an all-in-one cleanser with toner that I like. After that I use a little SeaCreme and I use my sunblock. Usually, I use my SkinCeuticals Daily Brightening UV Defense. Sometimes I use a brand that I love called Biologique Recherche."

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