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The Bachelorette Star Hannah Brown In Workout Gear Dances At the Gym

“Distraction or Motivation? 😜”

The Bachelorette star Hannah Brown loves hitting the gym with boyfriend Adam Woolard—and distracting him, too. Woolard shared a video of himself lifting weights at the gym, with Brown, 29, doing her best to get his attention with a little dance. "Distraction or Motivation? 😜" he captioned the post. Here's how Brown stays fit and strong, and the incredible way lifting weights has helped support her mental health.


Weights and Peloton

Hannah Brown/Instagram

Brown's workout routine is a combination of low-impact cardio and weights. "Lately, I've been doing weight training three times a week with 20 to 30-minute Peloton rides for my cardio," she told Us Weekly. "It's great for me to get a little sweat in every day! Adam and I take Wally on walks around the neighborhood. "[Sometimes I] listen to my favorite podcasts, or have a phone call with a friend!"


Breakfast After Workout


Brown usually works out on an empty stomach. "I try to eat around 11 after my workout, which could still be considered breakfast," she told Bustle. "Sometimes I'll have a banana, but my favorite is the breakfast tacos my boyfriend makes at home. It has to be with the Siete almond tortillas. They're so good with a little ghee butter on top, and then some scrambled eggs with either bacon or sausage. This is of course with some Cholula hot sauce on top."


Taking It Slow

Brown is happy with Woolard but in no rush to get married. "We've been together over two years now. He's the best," she told Us Weekly. He's just the most encouraging, optimistic person. I think I can kind of be, like, assessing the situation … a little bit more fear-based, sometimes. And he is just so great at encouraging me and just celebrating the life that we have together. We're doing great. I've always said this, but he just continues to make me feel just so comfortable in who I am and who we are."


Strength Training For Mental Health

Hannah Brown/Instagram

Brown loves both the mental and physical benefits from lifting weights. "My psychiatrist and therapist really wanted me to get into strength training because it's a good mood booster," she told Bustle. "I had started strength training for that reason when I got the call about Special Forces, so I was already back in the gym and lifting more weights. But I hadn't been doing that for very long before I got the call, and I hadn't really been working out that much before."


The Power Of Walking

Brown has switched from overly-intense workouts to low-impact exercises like walking, and says it changed her life. "I've seen more results doing a five-mile, 10,000-step walk than running a half marathon like I have in the past!" she told New Beauty. "I think that the cortisol levels that I have, I'm putting myself in these stressful situations thinking that I have to go crazy. I realize that just hormonally, I was setting myself up for failure. Now, I focus on doing things that are not as high-impact…doing more low-impact workouts, and strength training. I was always scared of strength training and doing the heavier weights, but it's been great for me."

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