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The Bachelor's Susie Evans Shares Swimsuit Photo Looking "Wow"

Here are her top 5 health habits.

Susie Evans is showing Clayton Echard what he is missing. In one of her latest social media posts, the Bachelor star shows off her incredible body in a bathing suit during a day on Venice Beach. "Motion blur is fun," she captioned the series of Instagram snaps. "You're gorgeous even blurry!!" commented one of her followers. "Beautyyyy," added another. How does the reality star keep herself strong and sexy? Here are 5 of her top health habits. 


Snorkling and Diving

Susie is always up for an adventure – especially if it involves a snorkel mask and fins. During a recent trip to Hawaii, she even went shark diving. "Honestly… I'm not known to chicken out but this was one of those things that REALLY tested my ability to get outside the comfort zone. I am so glad I got in the water but I definitely peed in the water from fear alone. #sharks #sharkdiving #hawaii," she captioned an Instagram video. 



Susie is a Blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. "I fell in love with jiu jitsu in Japan. I walked by Paraestra Tokyo Bay everyday for over a year. I would look from outside and wish that I could join but didn't believe I was capable and I didn't speak Japanese to even go in to ask," she captioned a post. Eventually, during her final six months of her two years in Japan, she joined the class. "I had no idea how much it would change my life. I had never loved something so much, I would come to every single class possible. I would race my bike from work as fast as I could to make it to class in time and stay after to watch the advance class to learn more, until one day I was invited to join the advanced class. I spent as many nights and weekends training as possible. I had never worked so hard at something in my entire life – I also had never failed so hard at something in my entire life. 😅 My only regret was not starting sooner.. I wasted a year walking by the gym afraid to go in. (I won't do that again)" she continued. "Jiu jitsu has taught me so many lessons- one being that you have to keep fighting when you face something tough. I've had several major life changing experiences (good and bad) in my personal life that have literally moved me all over and forced me to make tough decisions that took my jiu jitsu journey all over."


Going for Walks While Listening to Podcasts

Susie keeps herself motivated to walk by listening to podcasts. "Started the morning with a super long walk by the beach listening to one of my favorite podcasts (The Goal Digger) and setting intentions for my video business. It was such a positive way to start off my day, I'm going to make an effort to start my mornings like this more often. I also got a surprise guest visit by a little cutie on the beach!" she captioned this photo. 


Meal Prepping Sessions

Susie cooks and meal preps. She and her former flame, Clayton, used to meal prep together on a regular basis. 


AMRAP Workouts

Susie is all about this dumbbell AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) 20 min workout. Here is her circuit:

  • Sumo squats x 15 reps
  • Front / lateral raises x 15 reps
  • Lunge to press x 10 reps
  • In and outs x 10 reps
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