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The Boys Star Kristin Booth Shares Swimsuit Photo of "Canadian Girl Summer"

Her perfect Saturday looks like this. 

The Boys star Kristin Booth is showing off her gorgeous new LONDRE swimsuit while soaking up some Canadian sun. Booth, who plays Horse Tessa on the hit show, posted a selfie of herself wearing one of the company's beautiful swimsuits and tagged them in the image, much to their delight. "Canadian girl summer in @londrebodywear And always sun protection by @sunbum in 50," she captioned the post. "We love seeing you in your Londre. We'd be thrilled to share this beautiful image with our community," the company responded. Booth has been acting since she was a young kid—here's how she keeps a balance between work and down time.


Acting Dreams


Booth knew she wanted to act from an early age. "I always sort of loved performing for my family when I was really little," she says. "When I was twelve, I auditioned for Huron Country Playhouse, which is a summer stock theater in Grand Bend, Ontario, and I was cast as an orphan in the musical Annie. It was that summer when I was walking into the first rehearsal and saw the adults there, and I don't know why I'd never put two and two together before while watching TV, but it was like a light bulb went off for me, and I was like, 'Wait a second. You can actually do this for a living?' And that was it. And I was like, 'That's what I wanna do.'"


Her Perfect Saturday

Booth loves to just relax on the weekends. "My perfect Saturday would mean slightly sleeping in—to like, 10 a.m. I'd get up and have an almond milk latte that I make here with my little Nespresso machine that I love," she says. "Then my husband and I would get the dogs all leashed up and go for a walk. We'd come back and probably go out for brunch to Bonjour Brioche—it's on Queen Street East. My husband and I both love pancakes so we'd probably end up having them with fresh squeezed orange juice or something like that. Maybe a side of bacon, too—gotta have some protein!"


Horror Movie Fan


Booth is a big movie buff, enjoying both rom coms and scary flicks. "I have my favorites that I watch: The Princess Bride and Bridget Jones's Diary," she says. "Those are two of my go to feel-good movies. My best friend and I have a bit of a weird obsession with horror films, so generally when I'm at home she'll come over and all three of us will sit around and watch really bad horror movies, like the remake of Nightmare on Elm Street. It's so bad. It's awful. But then there are some really great ones. We just watched the original—I think it's Swedish—of Let the Right One In. I like to be scared—to sit for two or three hours on the sofa with my stomach in knots."


Playing Ethel Kennedy

Shutterstock/Theo Wargo/Getty Images for RFK Human Right

Booth once played Ethel Kennedy on The Kennedys and took it seriously. "Well, you know, the first time around, it kind of haunted me a little bit–I'm not gonna lie," she says. "And even almost more so the second time. You're portraying someone who lived this life, who is a part of history, who is still alive, and you obviously want to do them justice and portray them as close to who they are or who they were at that time as possible. I pored over biographies and books about the Kennedys, videos and all sorts of research material in order to create this character who then became Ethel Kennedy."


Bubble Baths

Booth sometimes enjoys a bath as part of a relaxing Saturday. "Sometimes I'll take a bath before bed—I do enjoy a good bubble bath," she says. "I like lavender essential oil in it to help me sleep. But usually it's just us crawling into bed and passing out. I'm sort of religious about washing my face before I go to sleep. But I will admit that on more than one occasion on a Saturday, I will skip that. That's why I have towelettes on my nightstand!"

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