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The Buccaneers Star Josie Totah Shares Swimsuit Photo of "Hope"

Here are her lifestyle habits.

Josie Totah is giving people hope – in her swimsuit. In a recent social media post The Buccaneers star shows off her amazing body in a bathing suit while sharing a positive message with her followers. "rather give the people hope," she captioned the series of Instagram snaps. The actress has been very vocal about her journey over the years. Here is everything she has said, including how she approaches health and wellness. 


She Reads and Journals


"My roommates and I have been spending a lot of time together on our front lawn reading and journaling and drinking our coffee. We definitely hold each other with love and compassion—we hold it down over here for sure," she told Byrdie


She Couldn't Be Herself When She Was Younger

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Totah, who is transgender and came out in 2018, often struggled in her younger years with her identity. "I grew up in a small town where I often felt like I was drowning because I couldn't be my authentic identity," she said. "All I wanted to do was pretend to be someone I wasn't. Acting was an escape." People


She Has "Always Been This Way"

She also maintains that prior to revealing her identity to the world, she had been living it for a long time. "A lot of people assumed that I was living a totally different life. All of a sudden, it was like, 'I'm different now, I've changed!'" she told TODAY Style. "But really, the only thing that changed is that I'm allowed to be myself outside of my home. Because I've always been this way, but no one knew except my family and friends. I think the best part is just getting to leave my home and go to the grocery store and not have to worry about what I'm wearing or what I look like," Totah continued. "I can just be me now. And that's all I ever asked, to exist as myself. But it's a hard journey to come by."


She Loves Flaming Hot Cheetos

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Josie has a favorite guilty pleasure: Flaming Hot Cheetos. When she graduated from college she shared a series of photos, including an open bag of the chips with a blow pop.


She Also Loves Italian Food

Josie Totah/Instagram

When it comes to dining out, Italian is one of Josie's go-to cuisines. She loves pasta dishes and burrata salad. Choosing Italian cuisine when dining out is a healthy choice for Josie. Italian cuisine offers a wide range of options that can align with a balanced diet. Pasta dishes, when prepared with whole-grain pasta and fresh ingredients, can provide essential nutrients and fiber. Burrata salad, with its creamy cheese and fresh tomatoes, offers a delicious mix of protein and vitamins. Josie's preference for Italian cuisine allows her to savor flavorful meals while making nutritious choices. By opting for well-balanced Italian dishes, she can enjoy dining out without compromising her commitment to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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