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The Conners Star Emma Kenney Shares Swimsuit Photo In the Sunshine

Here are her lifestyle tips.

The Conners star Emma Kenney is thrilled for some sunshine after lots of overcast weather. Kenney, who plays Harris Conner-Healy on the ABC comedy, shared pictures of herself wearing a swimsuit and jean shorts, posing by a car while snacking on a popsicle. "Haven't seen the sun in a while," she captioned the post. Here's how Kenney feels about her role on the show, and what her plans for the future are.


Growing Up On TV

Kenney grew up on TV thanks to her role on Shameless. "Growing up on TV the way I did is something I never expected," she says. "Nobody knew we would go on and on and on for over a decade! I definitely didn't think that when I was so young and booked the job. It's a special feeling to have a lot of people be able to connect and relate to you, even though I don't know them personally."


Dog Mom

Kenney kept busy during the pandemic lockdowns by taking care of her dogs, and doing other things that make her happy. "I have 4 rescue dogs, so I'm constantly on dog mom duty, which I thrive from," she says. "So a lot of dog adventures, road trips, I started cooking, baking bread like so many of us, and tons of random crafts and FaceTime with my friends."


Proud of The Conners


Kenney is thrilled to be a part of The Connors after all these years. "I think that all of us are very professional," she says. "And there's just so many more stories that need to be told through the Conner family and so many other different aspects of life that we're going to get to tell, and I'm really excited and grateful for that."


Reality TV Fan


Kenney likes to relax in the evenings, focusing on her skincare routine and watching reality TV with her family. "I never go to sleep with my makeup on (I also rarely wear makeup), moisturize and always use sunscreen," she says. "I love La Mer and use it almost exclusively. Reality shows are my guilty pleasure. I just binge-watched Making of a Model with my mom."


Self-Love and Her Future Plans

Kenney is all about being down to earth when it comes to self-care. "Self-love, to me, kind of goes hand in hand with the best acting advice I have received, which is to not judge yourself or take yourself too seriously!" she says. Kenney has big plans for the future. "I definitely want to further pursue directing. I haven't in a long time since pre-Shameless! I was young. But my biggest passion is photography, and that's something I am really enjoying lately. I strictly shoot on film."

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