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The Crown Star Vanessa Kirby Shares Swimsuit Photo From Anguilla

Here are her lifestyle tips.

The Crown star Vanessa Kirby enjoyed a dreamy trip to Anguilla in September with friends and family. Kirby, 35, shared a series of pictures highlighting the trip, including ones of her looking stunning in a black and white swimsuit. "I've always loved the quote 'put more friendship in your romance, and more romance in your friendships'. @belmond you did this for us. It was the most beautiful thing to be with oldest friends, celebrating two of them and their deep love for each other and commitment for life. Congratulations to you honeys 💍 @belmondcapjuluca you make the whole place so special and are some of the kindest people we've ever met – such joy and magic you create from the first minute to the end. You are all amazing 🤍," she captioned the post. Here's how the very busy actress takes care of her health and happiness.


Smoothie In the Morning


Kirby starts the day with a smoothie made of bananas, blueberries, lemons, oats, and almond milk. "I don't eat first thing in the morning," she says. "I used to. I always used to have a really early rye bread with avocado, but now I've gotten really into smoothies… I get really hangry, that is uncomfortable for the people around me. Super grumpy. I'll eat anything."


Learning To Fight


Kirby enjoyed the physicality of her role in Fast and Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw. "It's the elbow move!" she says. "The stunt team realized quite early on that my punches would knock nobody out and so they were like, 'how are we going to make this remotely believable?' Instead of doing a straight punch, which I tried to do badly, you rotate from the hips and use your whole body. You can't do a follow through; you've got to reverb! It's also a great dance move!"


Female-Led Films

Kirby loves how many more female-led movies there are being developed. "I'm really excited by that," she says. "There are so many stories about women that haven't been told. And it's not about putting a woman in a male role and her playing the equivalent of the masculine alpha. Which I also can't identify with. I don't feel like I recognise that person, this invincible woman. I want to see women who are humans. I want to see those really raw, big journeys that [female characters] used to have. I really feel that's my mission, to play a part in bringing that back."


Playing a Princess

Vanessa Kirby/Instagram

Kirby is proud of her role as Princess Margaret on The Crown. "She's this incredible mixture, this huge color palette," she says. "She has this range, that's what's so fun to play. On a piano it's all the scales. Those people are rare, especially on screen. I loved her for that. She was the strongest person, the most potent energy. Intense as hell. A major life force. Burn bright, live hard. And at the same time, underneath, like a scared little girl."


Lucid Dreaming

Vanessa Kirby/Instagram

Kirby compares acting, and the emotional impact of the craft, with lucid dreaming. "It's almost like lucid dreaming," she says. "Like when you wake up from a dream and it really stays with you. You're not sure: did that really happen, or did you just imagine it? I've learned to understand it. And I know how to do it without making it risky. I have boundaries and I have tools. Once you know it's happening you can handle it."


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