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The Equalizer Star Abigail Spear Shares Swimsuit Photo From Napa

Here are her lifestyle tips.

The Equalizer Star Abigail Spear took advantage of the beautiful Californian sunshine to visit Napa Valley for some delicious wine and pool time. Spear shared a picture of herself posing on a lounger next to the pool, wearing a pink floral bikini and holding a cocktail in one hand. "Mini vaca recap 🥂☀️," she captioned the post. "Ummmm excuse me?!!! You're in Napa and didn't tell me?!!" commented a friend. Here's how the actress has fun during her down time.


Golfing Since Childhood

Spear enjoys playing golf, having first developed a love for the sport when she was a child"Many people find that working out outside is more fun than going to the gym, making it easier to stick with your workout plan," says the American Sports and Fitness Society. "And while some indoor workouts can be social, outdoor activities are generally more so (especially if you're taking advantage of all those sunny days). Plus, there's something about seeing nature that makes us feel relaxed–and having time for yourself should always be encouraged!"


Scary Movies


Spear loves watching scary movies, which studies show are actually good for your health—especially movies with jump scares. "Researchers have found that watching horror can improve pain tolerance due to endorphin production," says Dr. Kristen Knowles, neuropsychologist at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh. "Distraction from pain is also a likely explanation, since attention and energy resources are diverted towards threat evaluation and away from other bodily functions. The body's response to fear or suspense is to ramp up production of stress hormones, such as adrenalin, which mobilize your body's energy resources. This is paired with increased heart rate and focused attention. This can all feel rather exhilarating when that tension is released at the end of the film. Doing this safely can feel good simply because it is thrilling – consider skydiving as a similar activity which is frightening but also euphoric."


Hiking Trips

Spear likes to go hiking in America's beautiful national parks. "There's a lot of research that shows the effects of being in nature," says sports medicine physician Matthew Kampert, DO, MS. "Our bodies find that certain colors can be stressful while some are calming. So, being out in nature with lots of green is a great therapeutic environment."


Rosé Wine Lover


Spear enjoys rosé wine, especially when she's on vacation. "The truth about having a glass of wine a day is that there's no proven 'good' reason to drink it," says Dr. Joshua Septimus, associate professor of clinical medicine at Houston Methodist. "This doesn't mean you can't drink wine, but a better way to think about enjoying it is to make sure you're minimizing the known negative outcomes of alcohol by only drinking wine in moderation."


Cheese Chips


Spear enjoys low-carb cheese chips as a healthy replacement for crackers. "We've all been tricked into thinking cheese is bad for us, but that's really not the case," says registered dietitian and personal nutrition coach Lauren Armstrong. "Cheese is salty and can be high in fat, but it also contains important vitamins and minerals: Vitamins A, B6, B12, D and K, calcium, potassium, zinc, and magnesium. The American Heart Association recommends consuming 3 cups of fat-free or low-fat dairy foods a day, which includes milk, yogurt and cheese. A serving of natural cheese, like cheddar, is about the size of a pair of dice."

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