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The Equalizer Star Rachel Nicks Shares Swimsuit Photo of "Happy Birthday"

She’s also a fitness instructor and doula.

The Equalizer star Rachel E Nicks is wishing her friend a happy birthday by giving her a sweet shout out on social media. Nicks shared a picture of herself posing with her friend Yolanda, both wearing bikinis and big smiles in the sunshine. "I love you @yolanda_banks_ HAPPY BIRTHDAY QUEEN," she captioned the post. Nicks is not only an actress, but a doula and fitness instructor as well—here's how she does itt while raising two boys.


Teaching Yoga

Nicks has developed a love for yoga over the years. "I was never a fan of yoga, but I tried hot yoga in my early twenties and got hooked," she says. "I then became curious about the philosophy, so I decided to do the 500 Hour Hatha yoga Certification and I am telling you the moment I began teaching, Pandora's box was unleashed. I loved that I was able to move, connect to people, and teach and create a positive change in people's lives. It was such a gift."


Food Positivity


Nicks refuses to eat anything that doesn't make her feel good. "If your grandparents don't know what it is, don't eat it!" she says. "I don't buy bad snacks for my house. If there is no [bad snacks] to eat in the house, you won't eat it. If stress eating is a habit of yours, try buying carrots or celery. The crunch may help you work through your aggression without the empty calories. I love food. But I also am a bit of a food snob. I want the food I eat to be good, fresh, and satisfying. I don't believe in 'cheat or bad foods,' it's all about moderation, and truly if it makes me feel good, I'll eat it. I do not believe in punishing myself for eating something that tastes good. That goes back to my point about approaching health and fitness with a positive and loving attitude."


She's a Doula

Nicks is a registered doula. "I had many pregnant and postpartum clients and I wanted to make sure I was supporting them in the best possible way, so I certified in pre and postnatal yoga and did another Bella Bellies prenatal and postnatal cert," she says. "The more I learned about pregnancy and birth the more passionate I became and decided to certify as a doula and lactation counselor. This led me to becoming a doula. I am passionate about women feeling empowered during this chapter in their lives."


The Importance of Self-Care

Nicks has made a point of carving out time for herself after having children. "Recently I watched Michelle Obama's Becoming and there's a scene where she describes resenting Obama for going to the gym when she was at home with the kids," she says. "Then, it dawned on her that it wasn't his fault that she didn't go to the gym, it was hers. If he could do it, so could she. So, she organized childcare and started working out again. Don't blame others for what you're not doing. Instead, speak up, and get on with it because the truth is, taking care of yourself is essential."


Artistic Background

Nicks knew she wanted to do something artistic when she was in school. "I never really believed I would be an actor but I loved it," she says. "I think it's because I don't come from an artist family and I didn't see actors that looked like me. In 7th grade a mother told my parents after a school play, you might want to look into this talent. I see something in her. My parents have always been super supportive of my craft. In high school I began to take acting seriously and was a part of all the shows and loved drama class but I was still all about my academics and student leadership."

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