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The Gentlemen Star Kaya Scodelario in Workout Gear Hits the Golf Course


Kaya Scodelario has been acting since she was young. She's appeared in Skins, Pirates of The Caribbean, Spinning Out, and The Gentleman. Scodelario revealed on Instagram last year that she's learning golf. She captioned the video, "Took my first Golf lesson today for filming purposes and I'm sorry but THIS SPORT IS AMAZING. You get to hit something really hard, focus intently, be in nature & eavesdrop on granddad's gossiping about all the grandchildren they hate AND there's a bar at the end of it. Was prepared to be completely crap at it & hate every second but I honestly had such a fun time." 


She Wants To Support Women


Scodelario tells Flaunt that she wants the acting industry to support women. "I think we still have a long way to go and we always will. I watched Arrival last year and I thought it was so amazing how you know she's clearly the lead and there's no mention of it. It doesn't need to be discussed that she happens to be a woman. It just is. I really want to work with more female directors because, of the 19 jobs that I've done, only two have been directed by women. I want to see more women in the writing room and the production offices. I want to see women everywhere in the industry."


She Ice Skates

Scodelario trained in ice skating to appear in Spinning Out. She talked about this to InStyle. "Oh my god, I started from the very bottom. I was one of those people that get on the ice rink at Christmas, and holds onto the edge. Go around two times, and then get off. I don't think I'd ever been in the middle of an ice rink before. But I had an amazing coach here in London who worked with me. I trained for an hour every day for three weeks. When I got to Toronto, we would do five to six hours a day with Sarah Kawahara, who's this incredible skate coach and choreographer. She did I, Tonya and Blades of Glory. She's scary, but in a really good way. She really kicked my butt into gear."


She Ignores What Others Think

Scodelario opened up about navigating fame to ELLE. She says that she has learned to not care what others think. "Being 14 years old and suddenly being super aware that the world kind of has an opinion on how you look is quite scary. I think when you're that age, you feel very self conscious anyway, but I was lucky in that it was kind of just before the era of social media. I learned very quickly that the best thing for me was to not Google myself or read comments or anything like that because I think it's hard enough being a teenage girl. Having that pressure on top of it is quite dangerous."


She Takes Care Of Her Skin

Scodelario makes skincare a priority. She shared her secrets with ELLE. "I did a Face Gym session before the BAFTAs which was amazing. I literally felt alive afterwards. I try to just get a good rest the night before and stay hydrated. Ten years ago, I wouldn't have said any of this. I would have rolled up out of McDonald's straight from a night out, but I learnt my lesson. I've been told off by everyone I've ever worked with for not taking care of my skin, and so I do. Just trying to feel as like confident in myself as possible, making sure I've had a good rest and I've watched something nice and easy the night before. I'm watching One Day, which is beautiful, but I know the ending is gonna make me cry."


She Golfs

Scodelario is learning golf, and the sport has a lot of benefits. Randa states, "Golf can help prevent and treat 40 major chronic diseases. Golf can help strength and balance, improve quality of life and provide aerobic exercise. On a regular 18-hole course, most players will walk between four and five miles, burning up to 2,000 calories."

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