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The Good Doctor Star Fiona Gubelmann Shares Swimsuit Video of "Paradise"

Here is what she eats in a day.

Fiona Gubelmann is living it up at the Four Seasons Punta Mita. In a recent social media post shared from Mexico, The Good Doctor star shows off her beautiful body in a bathing suit during her luxurious vacation. "Last day in Paradise," she captioned the Instagram video. "Absolutely beautiful and just so perfect in everyway, it's just unreal," commented one of her followers, while several others simply added fire emojis. What does the actress eat in a day to stay in shape? Celebwell has all the details on her diet. 


Vegetarian Diet


Fiona is a vegetarian and also has a gluten-intolerance, so she has to be very careful about what she eats. Her overall goal? To consume two to three servings of fresh fruit, vegetables, and grains a day, she told Self.


She Tracks Her Food


Fiona has a goal to eat 50 grams of protein a day. In order to help her keep track of what she puts in her body, she inputs all her meals into her iPhone. 


Breakfast: Oatmeal


"I love to start off every day with a big bowl of oatmeal. I add fresh fruit, depending on what's in season. Some of my favorite combos are raspberries mixed with gogi-berries and apples mixed with raisins. I top off my oatmeal with lots of cinnamon and vanilla flavored soy milk," Fiona told Self. 


Snacks: Fruits, Veggies, or Dark Chocolate

"I like to snack throughout the day, so I always make sure that I have fresh cut veggies on hand, as well as tons of fruit. I always have dates on hand, and when I'm really craving a sweet, I'll reach for some dark chocolate," Fiona said. 


Lunch: Vegetarian, Gluten-Free Tacos

"For lunch I wanted to try out a new recipe that I learned from the lovely sisters at Spork Foods–sprouted corn tortillas. I filled my tortillas with gluten-free battered avocado, veganaise, cabbage, tomatoes, tempeh, salsa and hot sauce," Fiona said about her mid-day meal


Post Workout: Protein Shake


"After a workout, I have a protein shake," Fiona dished to Self. "Lately, I have been making my protein shakes with a banana, 2 tablespoons Dagoba Cacao powder, 1 cup coconut water, 1 tablespoon Vega Antioxidant EFA oil and ice. After it's blended, I put a tablespoon of coconut flakes, walnuts and gogi-berries on top–it reminds me of Rocky Road ice cream!"


Dinner: Salad with Veggie Protein

"For dinner, I usually have a huge salad–I'm addicted to kale and arugula! Tonight I added some lentils for protein, mushrooms, raw broccoli and brussels sprouts, pumpkin seeds and beets," she concluded. 

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