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The Morning Show Star Karen Pittman Shares Swimsuit Video as "Queen"

Here are her lifestyle habits.

Karen Pittman is sharing a message of self-love in her swimsuit. In a recent social media post The Morning Show and the …And Just Like That star shows off her amazing body in a bathing suit while sharing an inspirational message with her followers. "The greatest and most satisfying love affair I have ever had is the one I've had with Karen Pittman. And everyday, I vow to love her better," she captioned the Instagram video. "Powerful!," commented one of her fans. "QUEEN!" added another. How does the actress take care of herself? Celebwell rounded up her top lifestyle habits. 


She Prioritizes Self-Care


In between shows Karen makes it a goal to get back to herself. "I look like a character for the majority of the year," she told New Beauty. "It is important to do things that reconnect me to real life." According to the star, "getting back to self" involves two things: "Surprisingly, self-care for me looks like dating. Just finding people I like to spend time with and putting myself out there."


She Detoxes


Karen also does health resets. "I'm also currently detoxing from coffee and trying get to bed a little earlier—all the good things. I'm doing Alejandro Junger's Clean 21 program. It makes me feel great," she told New Beauty.


She Also Likes These Forms of Self-Care


Karen enjoys a few spa treatments. "I do a lot of infrared sauna, and I recently got into cold plunge pools and contrast therapy. I also love an IV vitamin cocktail," she told New Beauty. 


She Works Out with a Trainer

Karen Pittman/Instagram

Karen exercises regularly and has found what works for her. "I think one of the things that I figured out during my work time was that I don't love the big gym experience with the gym membership and tons of people and exercise machines all around. I switched to a much smaller workout gym in Los Angeles called SLAY Gym. I work with Eric Strangis, who's my trainer," she told New Beauty. "Overall, I wanted a more curated experience as far as self-care is concerned. When I made my exercise experience smaller, special and more curated, it became a lot more enriching to me."


She Does Yoga

Karen Pittman/Instagram

Karen enjoys a certain restorative workout. "I also found that I really need yoga, and I love to sweat in hot yoga," she told New Beauty. 


She Hikes

Karen is a hiker. "Because I'm an actor, I'm always connecting to nature. It's an endless source of inspiration for me. I hike a lot at Kenneth Hahn State Park when I'm at my LA home. Nobody really knows how special that place is, but those of us who live in View Park do. When I'm in New York, I live in Brooklyn, and I'm a devotee of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. I support everything they do. I've talked about them ad nauseam, but it really is such a special place. I'm literally there almost every day. I walk in there and just forest bathe. I am a Buddhist, so I definitely believe that sitting at the base of a tree will give you a lot of peace," she said. 

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