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The Next Step Star Briar Nolet In Workout Gear Is "Embracing the Slow Burn"

“Embracing the slow burn,” she captioned the post. “Get it girl🔥,” a fan commented.

The Next Step star Briar Nolet recently told fans and followers she has never felt better, both physically and mentally—and it shows, just from her social media alone. Nolet, 25, shared a video of herself wearing pink workout gear, doing exercises on a Pilates reformer machine. "Embracing the slow burn," she captioned the post. "Get it girl🔥," a fan commented. Nolet is going from strength to strength both career-wise and with her wellness regimen—here's how the dancer and actress stays fit, happy, and healthy.


Dancing Queen

Nolet has wanted to be a dancer from a very early age. "Music, and the freedom of movement made me fall in love with dancing," she told Somewhere Between. "Once I started training competitively I was hoping it was gonna be a big part of my life, but I would say around 13 was when I knew I wanted dance to be a part of my life forever. I definitely channel my personal experiences and stories through my dancing. I would say my favorite style would be a mix of jazz, hip hop, and acro in one. Along with contemporary, so hard to pick between those two."


Yoga and Sleep

Nolet relies on good lifestyle habits to stay strong and healthy. "Good sleeps, healthy eating, stretching to cool down my body after a show, doing a workout or yoga class on the morning of a show, and getting a good warm up in right before the show!" she told Somewhere Between. "Over the next 5-10 years I'd love to be adding music to my career. Becoming my own artist/musician and adding that to my dance."


Total Transformation

Nolet is in the best health of her life thanks to a complete lifestyle overhaul. "In October I committed to a total physical and lifestyle transformation that has taught me so much about myself and my body," she captioned an Instagram post. "This was something that not only challenged me physically but also surpassed what I believed I could have ever tackled mentally. Fast forward to today and I honestly feel a profound difference in myself."


She Has Had Seizures


Nolet has spoken about her battle with epileptic seizures that were triggered when she tried to learn choreography, and how medication (Levetiracetam) helped with the symptoms. "Of course, I can't see the future, but this medication has really worked wonders for now," she told Women's Health. "I'm doing everything I possibly can to prevent another seizure—taking my medicine at the same time every day, eating well, taking care of my body, making sure I'm resting, taking vitamins that help with neurology."


Working With Jennifer Lopez

Nolet was absolutely thrilled to work with Jennifer Lopez, someone she has always looked up to. "The Next Step and World Of Dance have been two of the most memorable experiences so far," she told Somewhere Between. "[Meeting Lopez] was very exciting and surreal! They are such inspirations so I was so excited to show them what I could do and receive feedback!"

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