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The Pussycat Dolls Star Ashley Roberts in Workout Gear Shows Off Gymnastic Skills

Here are her dance and fitness tips.

The Pussycat Dolls singer Ashley Roberts is showing off her impressive strength and flexibility using exercise equipment at the gym. Roberts, 42, shared a video of herself wearing gray leggings and a white shirt, using exercise bars to pull herself upside down and displaying some very cool gymnastic moves. "That second slide is insane," a fan commented. Roberts still has a hardcore training routine—here's what her fitness and wellness lifestyle looks like.


Dancing Workouts

Roberts is a trained dancer, which essentially means she works out for a living. "Some people don't think of dancers as athletes but that's garbage," she told Coach Web. "All-day sessions in the studio are hardcore total-body workouts. I did ballet, tap, modern and lyrical – all different styles that tested my fitness and worked my muscles in different ways."


Pilates and Aerobics

Roberts loves SoulCycle classes and Pilates. "My mom taught aerobics and we had a Pilates machine at home that I loved using," she told Coach Web. "So while I didn't need to do any extra work, ever since high school I've been hitting the gym and doing additional mobility drills, which prepared me well for dancing professionally. I still do a lot of yoga. Not only is it good for mobility and injury prevention, it de-stresses me too. You need to have a balance of hardcore stuff and things that center you, plus your body needs time to recover after doing heavy deadlifts and squats."


Cold Showers


Roberts was inspired by Wim Hof to try cold exposure therapy. "I've been having cold showers every day," she told Sustain Health. "There's some really interesting science behind cold therapy; helping with your mood, sleep, weight, aging of skin. I'm a heat girl, I'm from the desert, so I don't know about cold stuff, but I'm telling you, you feel rejuvenated! I've worked my way up; when I first started it was 45 seconds, but I'm up to two minutes now. I feel great afterwards."


Weight Lifting Sessions

Roberts loves weight lifting and believes more women should do it. "Lifting gets my heart rate up and makes me look amazing, but more importantly it makes me feel strong," she told Coach Web. "Scrap that, I don't just feel strong – I am strong, and I think it's important for women to feel that way. The only thing I don't like about it are the callused hands. They suck. I went back to LA recently and didn't do any weight training for a while and it was the first time in ages that I didn't have hands that looked like I'd been working in construction."


Exercise For Mental Health

Roberts says exercising every day is good for both her mental and physical health. "It keeps my mental health in a state of balance, I feel more connected to my body," she told Sustain Health. "I train with [celebrity PT] Dalton Wong a couple of times a week on Zoom, I do different workouts online, I go out and run in the park or do a circuit. At the moment it's more body weight stuff, I have resistance bands or I take a skipping rope with me for some cardio."

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