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The Resident Star Anuja Joshi in Workout Gear is "Strong Like a Woman"

"Happy international women’s day..."

Anuja Joshi is showing off her strength – in workout clothes. In a new social media post The Resident star flaunts her fit figure in exercise gear. "Strong like a WOMAN. Happy international women's day to the strong women in my life, to the woman I see in the mirror, and to the women I haven't met but admire from afar. This Women's Day I wish for all women whose power has been stolen from them to be lifted, reminded, rescued, and prayed for. Without us there is nothing – literally, nothing," she captioned the Instagram post, which consisted of various videos of herself working out. How does the 32-year-old, who played Dr. Leela Devi on the hit television show, approach diet, fitness, and self-care? Here is everything you need to know about her lifestyle habits. 


Healthy Eating

Anuja Joshi/Instagram

Anuja fills her plate with healthy food. She eats a lot of veggies – sweet potato, broccoli, beets, cabbage, and avocado. One of her favorite meals is avocado toast. However she also eats chicken, steak, and eggs. 



Anuja takes a lot of walks. "It's giving Dora the Explorer," she captioned a post from a beach walk. Going for a daily walk can be a game changer in terms of exercise, especially at a brisk speed. One study published in JAMA Internal Medicine found that walking at a brisk pace for about 30 minutes a day led to a reduced risk of heart disease, cancer, dementia and death, compared with walking a similar number of steps but at a slower pace.



Anuja is a coffee drinker. "Who else needs a coffee (or something stronger)?" she captioned a post of herself holding a cup. According to the Cleveland Clinic, there are several benefits of drinking coffee in moderation. "It acts on your brain to improve memory, mood, reaction times, and mental function," they say, citing a study finding that caffeine can improve endurance and performance during exercise. It is also antioxidant-rich, can ward off diabetes, prevent neurologic disease, lower cancer risk, and ward off depression, they point out.


Strength Training

Anuja Joshi/Instagram

In her compilation video, Anuja does a variety of strength training exercises. She isn't afraid of lifting heavy weights. According to the Mayo Clinic, strength and weight training help reduce body fat, preserve and increase lean muscle mass, and burn calories more efficiently. Strength training may also help you:

  • Develop strong bones
  • Manage your weight
  • Enhance your quality of life
  • Manage chronic conditions
  • Sharpen your thinking skills



Anuja loves cycling. In the video she spins on a stationary bike. The Cleveland Clinic explains that biking, a low-impact aerobic exercise, is great for building muscle, improving strength and flexibility, and improving balance. It can also boost mental health and help other health conditions, including arthritis. 

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