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The Rookie Star Roselyn Sanchez Shares Swimsuit Photo of "Adios"

Here is the beauty tip she got from JLo.

The Rookie star Roselyn Sanchez is seemingly aging in reverse, if her recent social media posts are anything to judge by. Sanchez, 50, shared pictures of herself posing on a lounger next to a beautiful pool, looking stunning in a purple strapless swimsuit. "Adiós 🇵🇷Until November ⭐️," she captioned the post. "How beautiful," commented makeup artist Millie Morales. Here's what Sanchez credits for her ageless looks. 


Healthy Lifestyle

Sanchez tries to live as healthy a lifestyle as possible. "I love working out because I grew up as a dancer, so I do workout with a trainer four times a week. But I also eat well—I don't drink, I don't smoke, and I try to be as healthy as possible. I also go to Bungalow 3 in Beverly Hills, and they have all these amazing face treatments that I love—things like radio frequency, no surgery. A lot of people accuse me of doing many things to my face, but I have never! I just take care of myself. And luckily I am very blessed."


Health Is Wealth

Sanchez works out not just for her job, but for the sake of her family. "People have a perception of you, of how you need to look, and it's a lot of pressure," she says. "I'd rather be home and do nothing, but I can't. And now it's not even about the physique. I became a mother late in life—I had Sebella at 38 and Dylan at 44—and I want to be as healthy as possible for as long as possible."


Advice From JLo


Sanchez says Jennifer Lopez gave her good advice about preparing for events. "If you want your face to look chiseled, no sodium two days before," she says. "I learned that from our friend JLo. She said, 'I approach everything like a sport, so when I have a concert, I train for that – and then I can do whatever I want until my next one.'"


Juggling It All

Sanchez doesn't feel being a mother means sacrificing her career. "I was actually talking to Eva [Longoria] earlier, and she said 'I'm a producer on this show, but women, we're producers by nature. That's what we do. We produce a home, we produce kids, we're meant to do this.' I'm not gonna lie—it's a constant negotiation…it's a lot of work. Marriage is a lot of work, kids are a lot of work, work is a lot of work. When in this business, kids weren't even part of my imagination; I was all about my career, because I was so ambitious and I came to this country to do something. But then I got in my 30s and realized that every woman I looked up to was a mother. I had an aha moment as Oprah would say, realizing that so many talented, successful women are also mothers."


No Cosmetic Surgery

Sanchez credits a healthy lifestyle with her ageless looks. "People ask me, 'What do you do?' And I say, I haven't done anything," she says. "I haven't had surgery; all I can think of is that I've never had alcohol or smoked. My mom is almost 80, and she's been through cancer and all kinds of things, but her skin is amazing—so I don't know if it's a combination of things."

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