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The Walking Dead Star Alanna Masterson Shares Swimsuit Photo From Italy

Here are her lifestyle tips.

The Walking Dead star Alanna Masterson is sharing highlights from a recent trip to Sicily on her social media. Masterson, who played Tara Chambler on the hit AMC show, posted photos of her vacation, including one of her posing on a boat in a black swimsuit. She also shared snaps of the delicious food and gorgeous scenery on her trip. "Here for this content ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‚โค๏ธ๐Ÿ”ฅ," commented her friend Beth Riesgraf. Here's what Masterson's diet and exercise looks like.


She's a Chef

Masterson loves cooking at home for her friends and family. "I cook almost every night," she says. "I make amazing lamb chops with red wine and honey. I make homemade chimichurri sauce with steak and french fries. Whitefish piccata. You name it. Really anyone can make anything if they can read. My kitchen is stocked with cookbooks, and all my friends come over for dinner. There is nothing better than making food for the people you love."


Organic Foods

Masterson makes an effort to focus on high-quality, organic food over cheap ingredients, but acknowledges it's much more expensive. "[I shop at] Whole Foods and Lindy and Grundy," she says. "I started paying attention to where I get my food from. When I was a starving student, it was Trader Joe's and Ralph's. Then I realized I was putting so many preservatives into my body and it was hard to digest. I try and only eat organic now. It's expensive, but totally worth it."


Pilates Sessions


Masterson loves low-impact workouts that challenge her muscles and give her a long, lean look. "[I do] Pilates and Piloxing in Burbank," she says. "My trainer Kristin is amazing. And Viveca developed this incredible cardio workout, lengthening all my muscles."ย 


Child Actor

Masterson started her career as a child star on The Young and the Restless. "I was six or seven. I actually remember, vividly, the audition. I walked in, and they were like, 'Can you cry?' And I was like, 'Sure,' and I just started crying," she says. "Obviously when you're a child actor, you have zero inhibitions. You don't care. You don't get introverted thinking people are looking at you funny. So I cried on the spot. I remember showing up at my first day of work and the character who played my dad was at the hospital but he was busy shooting something else, so they duct-taped a piece of paper to the hospital bed with a sad face on it. So I had to do the entire scene with a piece of paper."


Horror Fan

Masterson says appearing on The Walking Dead gave her an appreciation for the horror genre. "I don't necessarily love horrorโ€”I really love all sci-fi movies," she says. "But since getting on the show, I definitely have more affinity for horror and zombie things. I go to Halloween Horror Night every year at Universal Studios just to get the shit scared out of me, which is kind of twisted. I'm learning to love the horror a little bit. I mean, I have to wake up to myself in the mirror every day, so I'm pretty used to horror."

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