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The Witcher Star Anna Shaffer Shares Swimsuit Photo Of "Summer"

She’s a big Mad Men fan.

The Witcher star Anna Shaffer is showing off the results of her collaboration with French clothing brand Sezane on her social media. Shaffer, who plays Triss Merigold on The Witcher, shared pictures of herself wearing a white bikini with green shirt on top, playing in the surf on a beautiful beach. The actress kept her look simple and stunning with minimal makeup and a natural glow. "Summer in Sezane," she captioned the post. Here's how Shaffer enjoys her down time.


Movie Fan

Herbert Dorfman/Corbis via Getty Images

Shaffer can't get enough of watching other people act. "I go to the cinema as much as possible, often at the old Renoir in Bloomsbury, now a Curzon, which is close to another of my favorite restaurants, Ciao Bella," she says. "They can accommodate huge tables, and it feels quite cheap and cheerful. Jimmy and I are attempting to work our way through the whole pasta menu by the end of the year. Back in town, the Prince Charles is also a great cinema – last time I saw Midnight Cowboy – and I love going to the BFI for a seasonal showing of It's a Wonderful Life."


Vintage Fashion

Shaffer is a big fan of 1960s fashion. "I love Mad Men," she says. "If I could dress like Joan every day I absolutely would! I think the French dress fabulously too, they keep silhouettes sleek and simple and use accessories as a way of standing out. In terms of people, I take huge inspiration from Jessica Alba and Diane Kruger. They are always flawless and look effortless. Their style is timeless but they always have a modern twist which I think is really interesting. And it helps that they're stunning too!"


She's a Londoner

Shaffer is a born and bred Londoner, and loves her home. "London is a real renaissance city, a place where you can constantly reinvent yourself and find different things to do," she says. "It's also a place where no one is ever free: if you make a plan, it's in three months' time, so it becomes a celebration when you eventually meet up. And when you do it's always fun and exaggerated – we're not going to a café, we're going out and having Martinis."


Confidence With Age


Shaffer has learned to embrace her own style and be confident with herself as she gets older. "I think I have quite a simple but classic style," she says. "Lately I've been experimenting with more patterns and prints, especially as we move into summer. It's so important to have fun with fashion too, I think the older I get the less I care about what other people think and I'm much more willing to give new things a try… even if they end up a bit of a disaster!"


Planning Ahead

Shaffer is someone who always plans ahead and is organized, especially when it comes to big events. "There is nothing worse than feeling rushed before an event as you will make rash decisions about your makeup that you will totally regret later," she says. "And looking flustered and clammy on the red carpet because you had to get ready in 5 minutes is never a good look! I think a strong lip is always fabulous. Red literally goes with ANYTHING and can transform an outfit. Also less is more. If you're having a heavy Eye go easy on the lips and vice versa… oh and check your teeth for lipstick!!! That's definitely something I've learnt!"

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