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This Is How Jessica Alba Is Staying Fit in Her 40s, According to Her Trainer Ramona Braganza

Alba’s longtime trainer tells all about her workout method.

Jessica Alba is turning 43 this April 28 and is quite possibly in the best shape of her life thanks to her longtime trainer, Ramona Braganza. In a new interview with Celebwell, Braganza, who has been training the Sin City star since she was 17, reveals the workout method responsible for her amazing figure and discusses how her workouts have evolved since she turned the big 4-oh. 


Jessica Uses Braganza's 321 Method

Jessica Alba/Instagram

Jessica sticks with Braganza's 321 Training Method, created specifically for the actress. "I developed it when Jessica Alba and I were shooting many films on location so I needed something effective, requiring minimal equipment, flexible whether you have 20 minutes, half an hour, or a full hour to train," she tells Celebwell. 


Three Cardio Exercises

Jessica Alba/Instagram

The workout starts with three cardio exercises. "An example of cardio could be either treadmill, spinning, or dance.


Two Circuits

Jessica Alba/Instagram

Next up, the 2, which translates to two circuits. "Usually it's three in a row exercises that train specific body parts on different days," Braganza tells us. 


One Part Core

Jessica Alba/Instagram

Then, one part core. "Twisting moves target obliques and transverse, the muscle that cinches in the waist," are an exercise that Jess demonstrates in a recent workout video. 


Jessica Also Meditates Before and After Workouts


Braganza also reveals that her sessions with Jess have evolved over time. "Our workouts have become more of a mind body spirit evolution as Jess is now in her 40s which includes meditation before we train that raises our vibrations to give us a positive mindset and finishes with a gratitude meditation," she says. 


See the Workout Here

"Long before there was Orange Theory there was the 321Training method a program I designed that had 3 intervals of cardio , 2 circuits of strength training and finished with 1 core at the end," Braganza adds in a recent Instagram video with Jess demonstrating the moves. . "It was a workout I based on my clients needs to lose weight and build muscle tissue for shapely but lean bodies. I used this workout with @jessicaalba on the various films we worked on including Dark Angel, Into the Blue and Fantastic Four. The workout became a downloadable program offering a variety of exercises that work effectively whether you have 20 minutes half an hour or an hour."

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