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Tiffany Stratton in Pink Workout Gear Says "Buff Barbie Reporting For Leg Day"

Here’s how she stays fighting fit.

Tiffany Stratton is known for her aggressive attitude in the WWE world—and she works hard to put her money where her mouth is. The wrestling star is all muscle, and one thing she never skips is leg day. Stratton, 24, shared pictures of herself posing in a pink sports bra, her blonde hair tied back in a ponytail with a matching pink scrunchie. "Buff Barbie reporting for leg day 🫡🎀," she captioned the post. "Beautiful," a fan commented. Stratton is a beast inside and outside the ring—here's how she stays strong, focused, and ready for a fight.


Crossfit and Bodybuilding

Stratton has always been athletic and strong. "I used to be a bodybuilder," she told TV Insider. "I did one show and won the entire thing. I used to do CrossFit. I feel like people are surprised at that. They look at me and think pretty blonde. I was an elite gymnast. I was on the national team. I just think people look at me and forgot what I did before coming into wrestling… I definitely feel like I have a chip on my shoulder. I feel people look at me and see just another blonde that looks pretty. I always deliver in the ring. I take wrestling very seriously. I take these premium live events very seriously."


Sculpting Her Physique

Stratton got into bodybuilding after seeing photos of herself and being unhappy with her appearance. "I was kind of chubby in all honesty if I look back at my photos," she said on the Out of Character with Ryan Satin podcast. "So I got into bodybuilding. That is exactly what I wanted. I wanted to be able to form my muscles to how I wanted them to look. That's why I got into bodybuilding and I went through a whole prep, a bodybuilding prep and that was life changing. I'm so glad I did that before I came to the WWE, because now I know how to get in shape for a big pay-per-view or just in general bodybuilding definitely taught me that and the discipline for dieting and stuff is on another level."


Wonder Woman Dreams

Stratton has big dreams of becoming an action hero. "I would love to go into acting," she told TV Insider. "My dream role would be some cool action superhero girl that does cool flips. That's my dream role. Like a Wonder Woman. I'm a big fan of her. I was dressed as her for Halloween one year."


Inspired By Charlotte Flair

Stratton was inspired by Charlotte Flair to go into wrestling. "I would say I was flipping through the channels. I came across a random Friday Night Smackdown and I saw Charlotte Flair," she said on the Out of Character with Ryan Satin podcast. "I saw that she was blonde, she was buff, she could flip, she could talk some [trash], and I was like, that is literally everything that I can do."


Private Life

Stratton keeps strict boundaries between her personal and private life. "I still try to keep my private life private," she told TV Insider. "But I've always behaved like a champion, even before I became a champion. I know how to act in public. It wasn't like I had to change how I acted within the public eye. I was always very put together and never got drunk at a club and was acting crazy. So I've been able to avoid that."

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