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Tinx in Green Two-Piece Outfit Shows Off Flat Tummy

Here are her lifestyle habits.

Tinx is flaunting her flat abs – in a two-piece workout outfit. In a new social media post the influencer shows off her amazing figure in a sports bra and leggings. "Sunday all u can eat photo buffet," Christina Najjar captioned the series of Instagram snaps. How does the 33-year-old approach health and wellness? Celebwell has the details on all her lifestyle habits. 


She Goes on "Rich Mom" Walks

Tinx loves walking. "It's so hard to find time to work out when I travel, but I will always go for a walk. I call it rich mom walking with my followers — it's our joke. I always try to do my 10,000 steps a day, especially outside," she tells Bustle. 


Cold Plunging


Tinx is also into cold plunging. "I try to do four times a week," she tells  Popsugar. "It's definitely hard getting in, but once you do it, it's such a dream."



Tinx lifts weights. "I was reading that it was really important for women to do strength training as they get older, and, listen — I'm going to be so real — it is not my vibe yet," she tells Popsugar. "I've never really gotten into that before, so it's definitely a new thing for me, but we'll try." 




"I'm trying to get more sleep this year. That's one of my resolutions is to just put down TikTok, and go to bed," she told Popsugar. "I'm addicted to my phone," she admits. "I'm embarrassed for my screen time." I'm like, 'Do I have a life or do I spend the entire day on my phone?'" 



"When I have more time, I love to go to Hot Pilates in Los Angeles. I also love Forma Pilates, Pvolve, and The Sculpt Society. I want to be a yoga person so badly, though. Every year for the past five years, my New Year's resolution has been to get into yoga, but it just doesn't stick for me. It might be because I prefer workouts with fun music," Tinx told Bustle.



Tinx is a smoothie drinker. "Back in the day, I read this book called Body Love by Kelly LeVeque. She says that you need to have the "fab four" in your smoothies: a fat, a fiber, a protein, and a green. I've always used that as a framework to help me to make a balanced recipe. I'm always putting chia seeds in there, too," she said. 



Tinx is all about hydration. "I always think about this interview that Rihanna did ages ago where she was like, 'Honestly, whenever I'm in a bad mood, or I feel ugly or something, I just drink a huge glass of water, and I always feel better. That really stuck in my mind. Every time I'm like, 'Oh, my God. I feel terrible,' I'm like, 'Rihanna would say to drink a glass of water.' I have what I call my emotional support water bottle, and I always keep it with me. I feel like if you love your water bottle, you're more likely to drink the water. I have an array: the Stanley, the Bkr, and the Simple Modern," she said. 

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