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Tobin Heath In Workout Gear Says "Thanks For All the Love"

Happy birthday Tobin!

Soccer star Tobin Heath celebrated her birthday surrounded by friends and loved ones, and shared the highlights on social media. Heath, 36, posted pictures from the celebration, including a snap of herself wearing black Adidas shorts and a white shirt, posing in a field of beautiful yellow flowers. "Epic dragon bday. thanks for all the love," she captioned the post. "Wild child. Lived 10 days on this birthday 🐉," commented fellow soccer player Christen Press. Here's how Heath lives a happy, balanced life.


Playing For Arsenal

Heath is proud of her time playing for Arsenal in the UK. "I'm a huge Arsenal fan," she told Forbes. "It was my first childhood club, a team that I really followed and I fell in love with at a young age. I was attracted to the style of play, to the certain players that were playing there, and you know, your first love of a club is something that is kind of unchanging and unwavering through it all."


She's An Artist

Heath developed a passion for art when she was forced to rest from injuries. "My interest in life and creating go to the core of who I am," she told Business Insider. "I see football as an art. I see how I use my body to perform skills that I want to do on the field. And I've always viewed sport that way. That's the way that I want to be seen as an athlete — as an artist on the field."


Freedom In Art

Heath loves the freedom that comes from creating art pieces. "What's so beautiful about art is that there is a joy in it, and there's this surrender in it," she told Business Insider. "Somebody always told me success isn't winning, success is trying… It's not what did you do, but did you try. I feel like that was a big part of the art. I don't have a fear of trying, and I don't have a fear of failing. So I just do, and that's part of the creating."


Pregame Fuel


Heath's favorite pre-game snack is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. "Experience has shown me that I don't need anything fancy," she told Stack. "What I'm eating works for me. It's simple and it works for me. Doing everything nutrition-wise for myself gives me confidence, because instead of thinking mid-game about how hungry I am, all I'm concerned about is winning the game."


Shareable Phase

Heath is careful about how she shares herself with the world. "I am very conscious about what I do put out into the world and the things that I say and that I create and I share," she told Business Insider. "Because I always want to be thoughtful in the things that I'm doing — both with my life and the things that I'm saying. I feel like the whole world is in this shareable phase, like I have to be seen doing everything. Everybody has to share my every word, and I've never been a person that believed that at all because so much about what we put forth isn't even honest or true."

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