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Toni Braxton In Workout Gear Rehearses For Las Vegas Shows

“I consider my body to be a Maybach.”

Toni Braxton is rightfully known for her incredible voice and body of work, but the star can certainly dance, too. Braxton, 56, shared a video of herself wearing black workout gear and sneakers, rehearsing her dance moves for her Love and Laughter shows with Cedric the Entertainer at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas. "I LOVE seeing Toni play and sing. Such a well-rounded legend!" a fan commented. Here's how Braxton stays fit, happy, and full of energy.


Orangetheory Workouts

Braxton tries to be active every day. "I work out often when I can," she told Prevention. "I do Orangetheory. It's a hard workout. But the greatest thing about Orangetheory is that I have a heart rate monitor on so I can watch myself and make sure I'm not overworking my heart or overworking my body. I can watch my pulse and heart rate and that makes me feel better mentally."


Lupus Diet

Braxton tries to stick to a plant-based diet to help with lupus symptoms. "I'm working on being plant-based," she told Prevention. "I'm a real meat eater and I was in the past. With anything, you've got to discuss it with your doctor. But for me it's been very beneficial. My cardiologist told me, 'You should try plant-based. I find a lot of lupus patients get results from that.' I've been having fun trying new recipes. I have made taco meat out of walnuts, which is very yummy."


Nude Sugar

Fed up with trying to find beautiful skin and hair care products designed to meet the needs of women of color, Braxton created her own vegan beauty line called Nude Sugar. "I consider my body to be a Maybach — I have to keep it shiny, keep it clean, keep it in the shop," she told The Cut. "We spend a lot of time and money on our hair making sure we always look good, but the smell just isn't always favorable. We only get one body, our Maybach, and self-preservation and keeping the skin as youthful as possible is the goal."


Therapy Sessions


Braxton is learning to protect herself better as she gets older. "Forgiveness is part of the healing process, but sometimes I can forgive too soon," she told FAULT Magazine. "I'm just beginning to recognise it, and I've been talking to my therapist about it. I've never had a therapist before because there's been a stigma about it, but I've learned that without someone to speak to, you can withdraw to a place it's hard to come back from."


Storytelling Through Music

Music is still Braxton's favorite way of expressing herself. "Music is how I vent when I'm sad or how I laugh when I'm happy," she told FAULT Magazine. "I always try to narrate a story through my music – especially if I'm singing about heartbreak. I want my listeners to live vicariously through me when they hear my music."

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