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Toni Braxton In Workout Gear Walks For "My Lupus Fam"

Here are her lifestyle tips.

Singer Toni Braxton helped raise awareness for lupus by taking part in a charity walk in Los Angeles. Braxton, 56, shared pictures of herself from the event, posing in a burgundy jacket and matching leggings. "I had a great time with my Lupus fam over the weekend! 'Walk to End Lupus Now' was such a beautiful event and we had an amazing turnout. #GetUncomfortable," she captioned the post. Braxton was diagnosed with lupus in 2008—here's how she manages her condition and what her diet and exercise look like.


Billy Blanks and Peloton

Braxton's exercise routine includes Billy Blanks workouts and Peloton Tread. "I work out every day, every single day, seven days a week," she told Healthy Living Magazine. "If I do cardio, I work on my treadmill. I walk 40 minutes on my treadmill every single day. I'm very lucky, because as a singer, we always use our force. It's like nature's sit-ups for singers, but I work out every day… If you ever see me and I look a little bit fluffy, it's because I'm on steroids. They're for my illness. I am prone to having steroids a couple times a year. I have to watch, I don't have a choice."


Plant-Based Diet

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Braxton enjoys a plant-based diet, which she says helps lessen the symptoms of her lupus autoimmune disorder. "I'm becoming plant-based. I'm in the process," she told Prevention, saying she became pescatarian first. "But I'm going fully plant-based. It's making me feel better, so there is some truth to it. But I do miss a good burger!"


CBD For Lupus


Braxton uses CBD to manage pain related to her lupus. "I've always heard that it had healing properties. But I just heard it, I never experienced it," she told InStyle. "I was always nervous about it, because I had tried 'herbal refreshments' I'll call it a few years ago, and I didn't like how it made me feel. [One day] my knees were bothering me, my legs were bothering me, and I couldn't find my [regular] stuff that I use. I looked under the sink and I was like, 'What's this Uncle Buds, did I get this from an awards show?' So I put it on my leg and I kind of forgot about it, and an hour later I was like, 'Oh my leg feels better! What was this stuff?'"


Dove and Coconut Oil


Braxton swears by Dove products and coconut oil for her beautiful complexion. "I am a Dove girl. I use Dove for everything, though I take off my makeup every night with coconut oil," she told Healthy Living Magazine. "I've been doing that the last four or five years. Then I just use Dove on my face. Everything's Dove; bodywash, everything… I'm very, very fortunate this time of year, because sometimes I'm eating badly during the holidays and have breakouts. This year it's been doing very, very well. I drink a lot of water, which I hate doing, but it definitely helps. Especially when you're my age, I have to keep myself hydrated."


Lemon Water With Mint

Braxton enjoys a small amount of wine in the evening and plenty of lemon water in the daytime. "This is old school, but what works for me is I take a half a glass of wine every night," she told Healthy Living Magazine. "It heals everything. Some people take Robitussin pills every night. I take a half a glass of wine, a nightcap, every night. Not a lot: just a little bit. It keeps my blood thin. It keeps my motion going. It keeps me clear-headed. I just think it's nature's tonic. But also, what keeps me going in the morning is hot water, lemon, and a sprig or two of mint in there. I have two cups of that almost every day, at least four days a week. Keeps the pipes going, keeps my skin feeling great, gives me energy in the morning without making me feel anxiety."

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