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Torrie Wilson In Workout Gear Says "Go Extra Hard" For Arm Day

“You got this.”

Wrestling star Torrie Wilson is letting fans see what a typical arm day workout looks like for the fighter. Wilson, 48, shared a video of herself wearing a one-piece black leotard, lifting weights, and using resistance bands and battle ropes at the gym. "Arm Day! Hit those biceps extra today because I haven't lately. Just gotta show the best we can each day and go extra hard when the urge hits 💪🏽," she captioned the post. Here's how Wilson stays fit, happy, and ready for anything.


She Lifts, Obviously

Wilson cannot say enough about the importance of lifting weights. "People always say diet is the number one factor and while I think it's obviously important, my number one tip is to LIFT WEIGHTS," she told Women Fitness. "We naturally lose muscle as we age and it's important to work hard at keeping it. As we age, just being thin can make us look older. Full muscles keep you looking younger and burn more calories all day long. Don't be afraid of lifting heavy either."


20 Minutes Minimum

Wilson works out for a minimum of 20 minutes on days she is struggling. "I feel my happiest and most energetic when I get my workouts in," she told Strong Fitness. "I'm not always super motivated to work out, but the mental benefits I get from my daily workouts are usually enough to get me there. I've realized that it's the days when my motivation is lowest that I need it the most for my head."


Simple Beauty Routine

Wilson prefers a more lowkey beauty look these days. "I always shower after a workout but wash my hair every other day," she told Women Fitness. "I like to keep my routine simple and short. I use charcoal soap on my face and have found that it helps keep breakouts at bay after sweaty workouts. I love makeup and have a ton of it but most days end up only wearing Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer, bronzer and concealer. Eyelash extensions have become an obsession lately because they are so easy and less makeup feels required."


Meditation and Nature

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Wilson loves to go out and feel the grass under her feet. "Meditation has been a huge part of my life over the last five years," she told Strong Fitness. "I can't say I'm super diligent every day, but making it a part of my week has been life-changing for me. Another big focus goes into consciously having a positive outlook and finding gratitude for the silly things, especially as the outside world feels more chaotic."


Strength and Confidence

Wilson is passionate about helping other people feel strong and confident. "Fitness has always been a huge passion," she told Women Fitness. "I was doing fitness magazines long before wrestling. I also have a huge desire to help others feel CONFIDENT and strong in their own skin. If I can help others feel more confident and healthy I can't think of anything more cool. I literally sob reading letters from people after I have helped them lose weight and it brings me so much joy."

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