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Tracee Ellis Ross In Black Workout Gear Does Resistance Training Session

She always puts the work in. 

Tracee Ellis Ross will be the first to tell you she works incredibly hard for her incredibly toned, fit physique. Ross, 51, shared an Instagram story of herself wearing black leggings and a matching shirt, doing intense resistance training exercises at the gym. At one point she uses dumbbells for an arm workout. Ross is only getting stronger and fitter by the year—here's what her wellness routine looks like, and what's next for the black-ish star.


That Robe Life

Ross is happiest at home in a robe. "I was dating someone. He was English, and he was like, 'My God, you're always in a housecoat.' I was like, 'First of all, it's not a housecoat.' He was like, 'Housedress.' I'm like, 'Not a housedress. It's called a robe.' And I have a collection of robes. I have three of the d'Oro robes. I have satin robes, I have cotton robes, I have ripped-up, old robes, I have terrycloth robes. There's been a lot of robing."


Staying Grounded

Ross tries her best to stay grounded as a public figure, and of course the daughter of Diana Ross. "Home for me is about safety and embrace," she told Harper's Bazaar. "It's about shedding all the external masks that we have to wear out in the world. Home is really about beauty, safety, history. My friendships are home for me. My family is home for me. It's an energetic connection that creates a sense of safety and groundedness, where I don't have to wear any mask. I can just be myself."


She's a Business Pro

Ross is rightfully proud of her curated haircare line Pattern. "I launched into being a founder and a CEO as a consumer who saw a big gap in the market," she told ESSENCE. "And it took me ten years to get the company off the ground. By the time I found my partners, even though I am the majority owner of the company, by the time I found my partners, I already had gotten a retail partner. I'd already pitched and convinced Ulta that we were the brand they needed. So, this is my baby, as opposed to a company that I put my name on."


Stay the Course


Ross has good advice for up and coming entrepreneurs. "Just stay the course," she said at the Amazon Accelerate conference in Seattle."Remember there's information in the no's. Let yourself take disappointment and the hit, but don't take it personally. There are a lot of reasons people will give you that your idea is not a good one. But you only need one person to believe in you."


Self-Care and Workouts

Tracy Ellis Ross/Instagram

Ross works out not just for physical health but mental wellbeing, too. "I was not in the mood to workout today but I got in there and did it anyway. I always feel better after a workout. Didn't smile during but I'm smiling now," she captioned an Instagram video.

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