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Tracee Ellis Ross In Workout Gear Does Tracy Anderson Method

“I sped it up cuz I took a lot of breaks 😂,” she captioned the post.

Black-ish star Tracee Ellis Ross is a devoted fan of the Tracy Anderson Method, and gave fans a glimpse at what her regular studio workout looks like. Ross, 51, shared a video of herself wearing brown leggings and a black tank top, doing a mat workout with a personal trainer. "I sped it up cuz I took a lot of breaks 😂," she captioned the post. "This is why your 50 looks so young, buoyant, vibrant, happy, healthy, and POWERFUL 😍," a fan commented. Ross certainly is thriving in her 50s—here's what her health and wellness regimen looks like.


Living Her Best Life

Ross has important advice that guides her life: "There are two things that have been the biggest guides through my life. The first one is: Follow your heart and trust your instincts. The second is: What other people think is none of your business and even sometimes what you think of yourself is none of your business," she told The Wall Street Journal. "Sometimes it's about staying in action as opposed to trying to decide how to make people think a certain way about you."


She's a Foodie

Tracee Ellis Ross/Instagram

Ross loves making unique, delicious salads for her friends. "I taught myself how to cook, because I really liked good food," she told Bon Appétit. "Now, I find cooking to be a meditative experience. And it's one of the ways I nourish myself and show myself love. Food is a fuel for our lives, so I like to eat food that tastes good and feels good. So, I would say I taught myself how to cook and listen to my body, so I can see what's actually nourishing for me."


Solo Travel

As a child, Ross traveled around the world with mother Diana Ross, and considers solo travel the ultimate form of self-care. "It's very important to me," she told Travel and Leisure. "Solo travel, in particular, is how I've come to know and honor myself. I feel like I'm a child of the world. Growing up this way allowed me to understand that, even though people may not speak the same language, we are all the same. And that allowed me to feel safe anywhere. The things that make us different are what make life so robust and textured."


Unpacking Joan Clayton

Ross felt deeply connected to her Girlfriends character Joan Clayton. "It was such a huge portion of who I was and had become," she told Harper's Bazaar. "Especially because Joan wore a lot of Tracee's clothes. Joan and Tracee's hairstyles were the same. All my favorite lipsticks were Joan's favorite lipsticks. My shoes were Joan's favorite shoes. And although we weren't the same person in any way, shape, or form, my physical self was really being utilized. It took me time to kind of figure out who I was again. When the show finished … in hindsight, I could say I was sort of going through a bit of a grieving process."


Tracy Anderson Workouts

Ross prays and meditates when she wakes up, before starting her day. "I scrape my tongue before I take in anything," she told The Wall Street Journal. "Then I do my morning supplements. And I work out three or four times a week. It was more before Covid, but usually Monday, Wednesday and Friday are for sure. I'll do a 6, 7, 8 or 9 a.m. workout. I do a combination of a private trainer gym and Tracy Anderson. I don't use weights but I pull things, I push things, I throw things. I do a lot of planks. In Covid, Tracy Anderson has not been as easy and I have some injuries, so it's been not as consistent."

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