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Track and Field Star Annie Kunz In Workout Gear Is "So Grateful" For Support

She’s sadly not going to Paris. 

Heptathlon  athlete Annie Kunz is thanking friends and followers for all their support after injuring herself during the Olympic trials. Kunz, 31, shared an emotional video of herself wearing lilac workout gear and a silver Olympics logo necklace, explaining what happened and how she feels. "I know I'm probably missing so many people so I apologize if I did, thank you from the bottom of my heart to the village of people that have helped support me to my goals. I'm so grateful for every single one of you and would be nowhere without you guys. 💔🫶🏻 And huge thank you to my sponsors for even allowing me to have the ability to train full time and chase my dreams I'm so unbelievably grateful for your support through it all 🙏🏻," she captioned the post. Kunz has been competing since she was a teenager—here's what her wellness regimen looks like.


Quality Training

Annie Kunz/Instagram

Kunz focused on quality over quantity when it comes to training. "It's been such a learning curve to figure it out and do all the little things," she told Omorpho. "Whether it's recovery or prehab exercises, I'm always taking care of my body, my nutrition and my supplement routines. I'm very, very regimented, so I feel like a well-oiled machine and not like I'm breaking down every day. As I get older, and through getting injured, I realized that I was running myself down too much. I used to think that more was always better. The heptathlon is so taxing; training smarter and focusing on quality over quantity is better."


Pandemic Training

Annie Kunz/Instagram

Kunz used the pandemic lockdowns to focus on her training. "For the first time I was out there with no coach by myself … running hills in front of my house which were super steep," she told the Colorado Sun. "There was no one to complain to. I was doing it for myself to get better. Being isolated because of COVID made me realize for the first time how badly I really do want this."


Tracking Her Cycle


Kunz tracks her menstrual cycles and adapts her training to the time of the month, something she says has been a game changer. "It's literally just been a world of difference," she told NPR. "I never have those days anymore where I'm just dragging to warm up. I come with energy."


Strong and Beautiful

Annie Kunz/Instagram

Kunz revels in her strong, toned physique after previous experiences with unhealthy restriction. "I've definitely had coaches in soccer and track that just bluntly would be like, "If you lost 10 pounds, you'd be so great,'" she told NPR. "I wouldn't say I've ever had an eating disorder, but I definitely think it was something that weighed heavy on my mind a lot."


Acceptance and Focus

Annie Kunz/Instagram

Kunz admits she doesn't always feel positive. "I struggle with trying to stay positive because it's not reality," she told Omorpho. "You're not always going to feel positively about what you're doing, and it's not always sunshine, daisies, unicorns and rainbows. I focus on accepting what's happening in the moment. I work with my mental coach on mindfulness and being present. I think that's really carried me through. That's what got me through the Olympic trials and the Olympics. I also stay focused on my goals. They keep me structured and motivated to go win medals."

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