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Track and Field Star Lolo Jones Shares Swimsuit Photos Looking Fit

Lolo Jones is training to earn a spot in the 2024 Summer Olympics. Here's how she stays in shape. 
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At 41, Lolo Jones thought competing would be behind her, but the pro athlete is giving it one more shot. The three-time Olympian is back in training hoping to earn a spot in the upcoming Summer Olympics, in Paris."I thought I'd be retired by now, but my coach is like, 'let's give it. [this] last push,' she recently told Oklahoma local station KFOR at a Salvation Army charity event. "All I know is my body's still able to run," she said. "I'm still able to physically do this and mentally love it. Not burned out. So why not?" Jones, a champion hurdler and bobsledder who is among the few athletes to compete in both the Winter and Summer Olympics, still enjoys training and told CITIUS MAG she's on the "Tom Brady retirement plan." Jones might be older than other athletes she's up against but is unfazed. "41. They said you are washed up," she wrote on Instagram. "They said the best years are behind you. This is the most confident I've ever been in any season of my life. Thank you for all the bday wishes and supporting me all these years on my journey." Read on to see how she stays fit and the swimsuit photos to prove they work. 


She Does a Variety of Intense Exercises

To target every muscle in her body, Jones mixes up her workouts and gave fans a look in various videos at how she stays in shape, showing off several moves that are listed below. 

What the Expert Says: "Lolo Jones' workouts incorporate a variety of exercises that target different muscle groups, providing a well-rounded full-body workout," ACE-certified trainer and nutritionist Mary Sabat MS, RDN, LD says. Here's a breakdown of the muscles she's likely working.

  • V-Ups (Abs): This exercise primarily targets the rectus abdominis (the "six-pack" muscles) and engages the hip flexors.
  • Push-Ups: Push-ups are great for the chest (pectoral muscles), shoulders (deltoids), and triceps.
  • Air Squats: Air squats work the quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes, helping to strengthen the lower body.
  • Jumping Lunges: Jumping lunges challenge the quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes while also incorporating cardiovascular benefits.
  • Burpees: Burpees are a full-body exercise that combines strength and cardio. They work the chest, shoulders, triceps, core, and legs.
  • Hollow Rocks: Hollow rocks target the entire core, including the rectus abdominis, obliques, and lower back muscles.
  • Jump Lunges: Similar to regular lunges, jump lunges engage the lower body muscles while adding a plyometric element for extra intensity.
  • Sit-Ups: Sit-ups primarily work the rectus abdominis and hip flexors."


She Doesn't Make Excuses

Jones has experienced heartbreaking defeat in her career, but she doesn't let it define her. She uses failure as motivation and pushes herself to move forward and train, even when she doesn't want to. She works out six days a week and will squeeze in a session anywhere including the beach. Here's just one of her many workouts

Five Rounds

  • ⁣5 V-ups
  • 10 push-ups
  • 15 air squats

⁣Four Rounds

  • ⁣8 handstand push-ups, ⁣
  • 20 jumping lunges ⁣

Three Rounds

  • ⁣15 box jumps⁣
  • 15 hollow rocks ⁣

Two Rounds

  • 20 Jumping squats⁣
  • 30 sit-ups⁣

⁣One Round

  • 50 burpees ⁣

What the Expert Says: "Lolo Jones' beach workout appears to be a well-rounded routine targeting various muscle groups," Sabat says. But for anyone who doesn't work out professionally, she suggests approaching [these moves] with caution, especially if they're new to certain exercises. It's important to prioritize proper form, consider individual fitness levels, and make adjustments as needed to prevent injury and ensure a safe and effective workout."


Her Workouts are Effective

All workouts are not created equal. Not all exercise will give you the results you're looking for, but Jones has learned what works for her and has go-to workouts like circuit training that you don't need a gym for. 

What the Expert Says: According to Sabat, "Lolo's workout seems effective as it includes a mix of exercises that target various muscle groups and incorporate both bodyweight strength training and cardio. It provides a good balance between upper body, lower body, and core exercises, promoting overall strength and fitness."


She Does Handstand Push-Ups


Jones has impressive upper-body strength and does handstand push-ups, which take time to develop due to the balancing and coordination needed to properly perform the move. Of course, Jones makes it look easy, but it's definitely not for everyone. 

What the Expert Says: "The handstand push-up is an advanced exercise that heavily engages the shoulders, particularly the deltoids," Sabat says. "They also work the triceps and upper chest." However, Sabat warns, "Handstand push-ups require proper form and adequate strength. Beginners or those unfamiliar with these movements might be at risk of injury if they attempt them without proper guidance."


She Does High Reps

High reps are good for building muscle, endurance, and strength. To achieve the level of fitness Jones needs to be at to compete, she does each move several times, according to her Instagram video that lists the following:

  •  Three sets of 20 lunges
  • Three sets of 15 air squats
  • Three sets of 10 leg raises
  • Three sets of 10 diamond push-ups
  • Three sets of 15 calf raises
  • Three sets of 15 push-ups
  • Three sets of 20 sit-ups

What the Expert Says: While this workout is great for Jones, others should proceed with caution, Sabat warns. "The workout includes high repetition counts, which can be demanding on the muscles and joints. Individuals should ensure they have appropriate conditioning before attempting this workout."


She Bakes High Protein, Low Carb Muffins

In addition to working out, Jones is careful about what she eats, although he does indulge in pizza and candy, but includes high-protein snacks like bars or blueberry muffins in her diet. 

  • 1/2 cup Kodiak cakes baking mix⁣
  • 2 scoops Level-1 Blueberry Muffin protein (linked in bio)⁣
  • 1/2 cup blueberries⁣
  • 2 extra ripe bananas (mashed)⁣
  • 1 egg, 2 egg whites⁣
  • 1/2 cup stevia⁣
  • 1 tsp baking powder⁣
  • 2 tbsp light sour cream⁣
  • 3/4 tsp of cinnamon⁣
  • Crumble on top:⁣
  • 1 scoop Level-1 Vanilla Ice Cream ⁣
  • 1/4 cup flour⁣
  • 2 Tbsp soft Butter⁣

What the Expert Says: "The muffin recipe seems to offer a balance between protein, carbohydrates, and healthy ingredients," Sabat says. " The inclusion of protein powder and eggs makes these muffins a good option for those looking to increase their protein intake; however a clean protein powder should be substituted." Sabat breaks down the ingredients and further explains why this is a healthy snack. 

  • "Kodiak Cakes Baking Mix: This mix is known for being a whole grain, high-protein pancake and waffle mix. It adds texture and a source of whole grains to the muffins.  It is not however gluten free or dairy free so there are better ways to make these muffins.  It is a processed food with an extensive ingredient list.
  • Level-1 Blueberry Muffin Protein: This protein powder adds flavor and protein content to the muffins, contributing to muscle recovery and satiety.  The protein powder however has a lot of harmful ingredients such as sucrose, acesulfame potassium as well as dyes and other harmful chemicals.  She could do much better by using a clean protein powder.
  • Blueberries: Blueberries are rich in antioxidants and add natural sweetness and flavor to the muffins.
  • Bananas: Mashed bananas provide natural sweetness and moisture, and are a source of vitamins and minerals.
  • Egg and Egg Whites: Eggs are a good source of protein and healthy fats. Using both whole eggs and egg whites balances the protein and fat content.
  • Stevia: Stevia is a natural sweetener with a low glycemic index, which can help reduce added sugars in the recipe.
  • Baking Powder: Baking powder is a leavening agent that helps the muffins rise and become fluffy.
  • Light Sour Cream: Light sour cream adds moisture and a creamy texture to the muffins. 
  • Cinnamon: Cinnamon adds warmth and flavor to the muffins, and it also has potential health benefits.

She adds, "Overall, Lola Jones' muffin recipe appears to have better macros compared to traditional muffins, given its protein content and use of natural sweeteners. However, the use of the protein powder with so many artificial sweeteners and other dangerous ingredients along with the processed Kodiak cake baking mix takes away from these muffins being a healthy option.  Nutrition is not just about the macros but also about the quality of the food being prepared."

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