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Trinny Woodall In Workout Gear Says "I Want To Stay Strong"

"I want to feel fit. I want to be in control of my body."

British TV star and beauty entrepreneur Trinny Woodall will be the first to admit working out isn't always fun—but necessary for health and happiness. Woodall, 60, shared a video of herself wearing black leggings and a sports bra, a workout mat in the background of her footage. "I do it because I want to stay strong. I want to feel fit. I want to be in control of my body. I want it to do what I need it to do and the only way for me to do that is to look after it. What are you doing to look after your body?" she captioned the post. Here's how Woodall takes care of her health, fitness, and wellness.


Hard Work Pays Off

Woodall looks amazing, but doesn't pretend it's easy. "It takes a lot of very hard work," she told Fit&Well. "I have to do exercise; it is one of the things that keeps me sane… As you get older it is important to keep as active as possible and to continue to tone and strengthen your body. When you're doing pilates properly you really feel a deep burn so really push yourself to see results."


Menopause Diet

Woodall has been mindful of her diet since going through the menopause. "I have an endocrinologist in New York who is strict about how much sugar I can eat, especially the processed kind," she told The Sydney Morning Herald's Good Food. "I therefore often start my day with an omelet topped up with herbs and a pumpernickel toast plus an oat cappuccino. I feel like I can start my day properly when I eat mindfully, and have energy and fats to balance me as I set out on a busy day."


Supplement Regimen


Woodall takes NMN [Nicotinamide mononucleotide] every morning. "I will also take Vitamin C, liposomal 3000 milligrams, and a Magnolia Rhodiola, which is a really nice natural mood enhancer," she told Body + Soul. "I take something for my thyroid, Vitamin D in the winter and I take a progesterone pill along with estrogen and testosterone. In the evening I will do a colon pill, three magnesium citrate, hormonal balance supplements I get from my hormonal doctor, Vitamin A, D, and K and sometimes I take something called Sweet Dreams, which is a CBD oil to help you sleep."


12k Steps a Day

Woodall enjoys taking long walks, especially in New York. "I love New York," she told The Sydney Morning Herald's Good Food. "The energy when I hit the street, or go over Williamsburg Bridge, gives me a sense that the sky is the limit. No city puts more fire in my belly. I walk 12,000 steps a day, whereas back at home in London I manage around 3500."


Meditation Sessions

Woodall swears by regular meditation sessions to help deal with stress. "I will go and see my meditator if I am feeling stressed out and have a brain dump," she told Fit&Well. "He'll then get me to visualize the success of my brand and people using the products. He will also ask me to visualize sitting on top of the world with the universe in front of me and how limitless that is. It can be a very powerful coping mechanism."

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