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True Blood Star Anna Camp Shares Swimsuit Photo From Ojai

Here are her lifestyle tips.

True Blood star Anna Camp wrapped up a fun summer season with a trip up the California coast to Ojai, for some end-of-summer sunshine and good times. Camp, 41, shared a selfie where she's seen posing in a black and white swimsuit next to a beautiful pool, flashing the peace sign at the camera. "But, like, do you even Lo-Fi anymore…?" she captioned the post. "Is Ojai the new Beverly Hills? Asking for all of Orange County lol," a fan commented. Here's how Camp stays fit, happy, and healthy.


Healthy Snacks


Camp snacks on almonds and fresh fruit. "Whether I'm hiking with my dog Rocky or driving from meetings to sets, having good snacks on hand is a top priority," she says. "I always carry almonds, fruit and water with me to fight the afternoon crash. I love food and great flavors, and am always trying to find healthy ways of eating without sacrificing taste."


Lots of Water


Camp knows how important it is to stay hydrated for health and energy. "I like to drink a lot of water," she says. "You're spending all day on your feet, sometimes there are smoke machines on set, so you're breathing in the smoke – it's easy to get headaches if you're not hydrated. I do not shy away from chocolate, so I love a healthy granola bar. I have a bunch in my purse, and I have them on set too."


Her Workout Routine

Camp works out several times a week, mixing up her exercise. "I try to work out about 4-5 times a week," she says. "I have a dog, Rocky, who I'm always taking out hiking. I like to be outside and in the sun — wearing sunscreen, of course. I love going for a run outside. However, I do also go to the gym and enjoy being on the elliptical machine. It's all about movement for me — I'm not a yoga person. I also lift free weights at the gym and do some crunches!"


Dancing For Pitch Perfect

Camp doesn't have to change her fitness routine too much when it comes to specific roles. "I'm pretty lucky — I definitely work out, but I don't stress about it too much," she says. "I do watch what I eat, but I eat what I want. It's about portion control. When doing the Pitch Perfect movies, we have to be at the shooting location four weeks earlier to learn the dances. While we're dancing, I am burning so many calories — we're dancing from 10 am to 6 pm! It's a great workout. I think that was super helpful for preparing for Pitch Perfect."


Home Cooking and Smoothies

Camp enjoys cooking healthy protein-filled meals when she has time. "I do like to cook, though I haven't had a lot of time to cook lately," she says. "I like to cook a black bean and sweet potato quesadilla with a corn and mango salsa. I also like to make a BBQ potato chip chicken with tequila lime vinaigrette. My go-to side dish is steamed broccoli, and I also love to make salmon.  I do love making smoothies! I will use a banana, almond milk, and four or five actual almonds thrown in. Then I use a little bit of protein powder — there's this kind called Dope Naturally, which is yummy and has whole sprouted watermelon seeds in it. The last ingredient is a little kale, and then it all gets thrown into a Magic Bullet."

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