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TV Presenter Lisa Snowdon Shares Swimsuit Photo "Beach Bumming"

Her wellness tips may work for you.

Lisa Snowdon is one of the UK's most well-known TV personalities. She was a host on Britain's Next Top Model and Through The Keyhole. She has appeared as a contestant on Strictly Come Dancing, I'm A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!, and was a winner on Celebrity MasterChef. Snowdon recently enjoyed a cruise with a friend and shared photos and a highlight reel on Instagram. In them, she posed in different swimsuits.  How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Lisa Snowdon stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She Learns About Food


Snowdon tells Your Healthy Living that she wants to learn about food and nutrition. "I really love my food, and I've always been interested in the nutritional side of it. I follow a healthy food regime and thankfully I've always had a very healthy attitude and relationship to food. I think it's important to know what you're eating and what you're putting in your body. Compared to when I was growing up, I think people are a lot more educated about food now and its health benefits. I think if you start taking care of yourself and you eat something that doesn't agree with you then your body will tell you straight away and you'll get symptoms like bloating, feeling uncomfortable or skin breakouts. I think that's when it's good to be a bit more mindful about what you're eating."


She Eats Healthy


Snowdon makes sure to eat healthy, and broke down her typical diet to Your Healthy Living. "I would say that my diet is generally very healthy. I make sure that I eat a lot of protein as it helps to fill you up and keep you going. I eat a lot of eggs and fish. I love scrambled eggs, frittatas with roasted vegetables and I also like salmon as it's a good source of omega-3 fatty acids. I'll have that with some broccoli and sweet potatoes. I eat a lot of plant-based foods. I like to start the day with porridge and either rice or coconut milk, or I might have a banana chia pudding. They are so easy to make as you prepare them the night before and then they're ready to go in the morning. For lunch I might have a tuna salad. A great healthy snack that I like is crunchy kale as it's a good healthy alternative to crisps. You just put some oil and seasoning on the kale and you bake it in the oven. It's crispy and delicious! I also like to snack on a handful of raw almonds and goji berries."


She Takes Supplements


Snowdon likes to take supplements. She talked about this to Your Healthy Living. "I take a multivitamin twice a day, in the morning and at night. Sometimes I take magnesium to help me get to sleep if I'm feeling like I can't switch off or if I've been exercising a lot. It slows me down and makes me sleepy. It's also really good for rejuvenating the muscles while you are asleep."


She Loves Pilates

One thing Snowdon does to stay in shape is Pilates. "I try to do a lot of exercise, and I really love doing Pilates on a reformer," she said to Your Healthy Living. "I go to a regular class about three times a week and the teachers are great. The reformer looks a bit like a torture device as it's got all these springs and ropes, but it's basically a board that you lie on and perform different exercises on. It's a dynamic form of Pilates which you do to music so you get on a bit of a sweat! It really strengthens and lengthens all the muscles but you don't end up looking bulky."


She Stays Motivated

Snowdon makes sure to workout on a regular basis. She opened up about this to "I'm motivated by feeling good mentally, sleeping well and staying strong and positive. The hardest part is putting your gym kit on and getting your feet out the door, but just know that once you've done it, you'll feel so much better. For example, I notice a difference in how I manage stress when I'm exercising. Try thinking about the bigger picture; put on some music or a podcast, get into your gym kit and head to the gym, go for a walk in the forest or a park or get a bicycle and just know that getting outside and moving your body will make you feel so much better and more motivated."

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