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Twice Singer Jihyo Shares Swimsuit Photo Saying "Still Summer"

This is why she doesn’t like Pilates.

It's October, but Korean pop sensation Jihyo is refusing to accept winter is on the way. The singer posted pictures of herself posing in a black and white bikini in a crystal clear pool, looking blissful in the water. "It's still summer time," she captioned the happy post. "JEONGYEON AT THE BACK 😭," commented an excited fan. The singer is living her best life as a solo artist—here's how she does it, and the advice she would give her younger self.


She Loves Weight Training

Jihyo prefers weight training at the gym, as it keeps her awake and energized. Exercises such as yoga and Pilates simply made her feel too relaxed, she explains. "I've tried Pilates and weight training, but Pilates really made me sleepy," she says. "But I didn't get so sleepy when I worked out at the gym. I had fun, although working out is never fun." 


A Little Bit of Everything

Jihyo refuses to diet, after a childhood where she felt pressured into unhealthy eating patterns. After years of dealing with negativity about her weight, the singer is learning to embrace her looks. "So when I was younger, I was a trainee for so long. I was put on so many diets, so I don't want to force myself to eat less anymore. I just want to eat what I want to eat and taste a bit of everything," she says.


Online Gaming


Jihyo loves online gaming as she can be anonymous. "I'm always tense and cautious about how people see me. But when I'm playing online games, I can feel the truest to myself," she says. "Nobody can judge me through [the screen]. That's why I feel most comfortable."


Solo Debut Album


Jihyo could really show her artistry on her solo debut album Zone. "The concept for [Zone] is me, showing different sides of me," she says. "I particularly chose the order of the tracks because I wanted it to tell a story of emotions, like an emotional journey throughout the day. Each track shows different vocal styles, and yes, it's very different from Twice, but I wanted to focus on that. While the image that I built through the group really helped me identify who I am, I want to show different sides of me."


Advice To Younger Self

Jihyo wishes she had learned to be confident earlier in her career. "Now that I've had my debut and am now a successful artist, I think I would tell my younger self not to be anxious and instead, to just enjoy every moment being a trainee," she says. "Even then, I knew it'd be a very long haul, but I would tell little Jihyo to enjoy the ride."


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