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Two and a Half Men Star Aly Michalka Shares Swimsuit Photo on "Day Off"

Here are her lifestyle tips.

Two and a Half Men star Aly Michalka is soaking up the October sunshine in Austin, Texas, spending time with her loved ones. Michalka, 34, shared some beautiful pictures of herself posing by the water in a swimsuit, looking relaxed and serene. "Barton Springs dip with the band on a day off," she captioned the post. "The best day!!!!" commented a friend. Michalka and her sister Amy have been on TV since their Disney days—here's how she lives her best life.


Family Pilates

Michalka loves to do Pilates with her sister Amy. "It's great for strength, for core," she says. "I love that there's no way to bulk with Pilates. That's impossible because you're using your own body strength. It feels great on your joints. My body always feels so good afterwards.  And warmed up. I don't know. We've been doing it now for the past almost five years and we're regular Pilates goers."


World Tour

Michalka went on tour with her sister for their EP Sanctuary, which was high-intensity. "Our show is kind of a workout; it is very physical," she says. "We are sweating and moving around on stage so that's a form of an hour-and-a-half workout throughout the night. We'll just shut down and it's actually better almost for the course of the entire tour. We were always tempted to go out and hang with the band, see a movie, go bowling, do a million things. Sometimes, you might be in a city where there's really fun stuff to do, but your body is telling you, you just need to sleep and rest."


Makeup Style

Michalka and her sister prefer a more low key makeup look these days. "I think our motto is definitely 'less is more' now," she says. "I don't think it was when we started. I think it was definitely more of a trend to wear heavier makeup in the early 2000s, in general. I kind of love that being natural has become something that is now really embraced by so many women."


Diet On the Road


Michalka tries to make sensible food choices when she's on the road. "We try to keep the greens up," she says. "Trying to keep the greens in your diet, that's been actually like the hardest struggle. It's not always the easiest, but when we're in a city and there's the option to have a pizza, you're like, 'Well, maybe I won't do that, and I'll get something instead that's actually going to nourish me.'"


Enough With the Eyebrows

Michalka has no intention of following eyebrow trends. "Oh my gosh, that weird eyebrow trend, [feather brows], where people are parting their brows in the middle is so crazy," she says. "It's absolutely insane. That and the overly defined eyebrow. People have become so obsessed with eyebrows, and I'm super against a heavy, defined eyebrow. I love when it looks natural and you can kind of see your hair follicles — not where it's completely filled in."

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