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Two and a Half Men Star Josie Davis in Workout Gear Works Her "Glutes"

"Spoken as an actress in the gym, not a trainer so relax."

Josie Davis has been a successful actress for decades. She's best known for her role on Charles In Charge. She has also appeared on Hollywood Heights, Two & A Half Men, Beverly Hills, 90210, and CSI: NY. In January, Davis shared a video on Instagram of herself doing glute workouts while using an arm machine. She captioned the post, "USING AN ARM (NOT BUTT) MACHINE FOR MY GLUTES! (Spoken as an actress in the gym, not a trainer so relax)." How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Josie Davis stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She Cooks

Josie Davis/Instagram

In this Instagram live, Davis is seen cooking seafood. According to Harvard Health, cooking has a lot of benefits. "Research is turning to studying the value of nutrition programs that include cooking instruction. These programs have been shown to help people adhere to a healthier diet, eat smaller portions, and lose weight — improvements that lasted as long as a year after the study ended. These programs can even help patients with type 2 diabetes to eat healthier, lower blood pressures and blood sugars, and lose weight. Hard to believe it, but time in the kitchen can be as valuable as medication for some people with diabetes."


She Does Workouts Correctly

Josie Davis/Instagram

Davis shares a lot of workout secrets on Instagram. She makes sure to do workouts correctly, so she doesn't injure herself. In this video, Davis is seen using the thigh press machine at the gym. She captioned the post, "WORKOUT TIPS 🏋️‍♂️Thigh Press. I make sure not to lock my knees when I straighten my legs."


She Does Trampoline Workouts

Josie Davis/Instagram

Davis loves to do trampoline exercises. She shared this video on Instagram of herself jumping on a trampoline in her home. Davis captioned the post, "I'm loving this trampoline! I was told years ago that it's really good for you to jump – whether the trampoline, running or jumping jacks, etc. I just happen to be doing it right after we had lunch."


She Works Her Lower Body

Josie Davis/Instagram

As you can see from her recent Instagram post, Davis doesn't skip leg day. She shares a lot of posts on Instagram of herself doing lower body workouts. In this video, Davis is seen doing squats with weights. She captioned the post, "Squats. Don't squat too far or it'll put too much pressure on your knees. I do it slowly, for good form."


She Strength Trains

Josie Davis/Instagram

As you can see in the previous Instagram post, Davis loves to strength train. The Mayo Clinic states that strength training has a lot of health benefits. "Strength training can help you manage or lose weight, and it can increase your metabolism to help you burn more calories…Strength training can reduce the signs and symptoms of many chronic conditions, such as arthritis, back pain, obesity, heart disease, depression and diabetes."

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