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Two and a Half Men Star Odette Annable in Workout Gear Says "Fill in the Blank"

"Besties who workout together..."

Odette Annable is known for her roles in You Again, Two and A Half Men, Supergirl, Walker, and Tell Me A Story. Annable and her close friend, wrestler Stacy Kiebler, met up for a workout in November, and shared an Instagram collaboration of the day. In it, they went to Pilates and did some weight training. Kiebler captioned the post, "Fill in the blank: Besties who workout together,_."  How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Odette Annable stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She Works Out With Others

As you can see in the Instagram post, Annable likes to workout with her friends. And working out with a friend has a lot of health benefits. The CDC states, "When you and your buddy encourage each other, you'll work harder (and get better results!). And there's nothing wrong with a little friendly competition. It's easier to try new things with a buddy. You may just find an activity you love, one that feels more like fun and less like a workout."


She Does Pilates

As you can see from her Instagram post, Annable does Pilates to stay in shape. ACE Fitness states that doing Pilates has a lot of health benefits. "Pilates — once a niche strength, mobility, and recovery technique for dancers — has gone mainstream. The low-intensity, muscle-strengthening workout can promote flexibility, mobility, and posture. What's more, it can set your body up to complete other more intense strength-training safely."


She Uses Hyaluronic Acid


Annable shared some of her skincare secrets in an interview with New Beauty. "Any product that has hyaluronic acid as one of the ingredients in it is going to be a win for me," she says. "I have combination skin, so it's kind of oily and dry at the same time. Hyaluronic acid just deeply hydrates my skin and helps it retain all of the moisture, which is something that I really need now, because now I'm living in a place that actually has seasons! When my skin feels the seasons switch, it kind of goes a little nuts. Kosas is my favorite lip moisturizer. It's loaded with hyaluronic acid. I love Barbara Sturm's Hyaluronic Acid Ampoules as well. You put them all-over your face, and you can feel your skin tighten and hydrate; I love them so much. Those are my two hero products that I could never shy away from."


She Cooks

Annable tells New Beauty that she loves to cook, and that the pandemic made her want to cook more. "In a way, I think it's a greatest form of self-care, and being in the kitchen has been quite meditative for me—even if it's just my husband taking our daughter for a walk outside while I make the meal. I come from a Cuban family, and I've learned everything from my mom and my grandmother. Those recipes are still with me and I've been making them for my family more than I ever have before. It's self-care and it's self-care in the best way."


She's Confident

Annable opened up about developing self-confidence in an interview with Rose and Ivy Journal. "It's not easy, especially in this industry, there is so much competition and rejection," she admits. "You can compare yourself to people very easily. I didn't feel worthy, even though I was getting all of these opportunities, I didn't feel like I was doing enough work to feel like I should be included. It was a story I was telling myself and I was sticking to it. There was a lot of fake it till you make it. It wasn't until recently I felt like, hold on, I am confident in what I am doing, in my talent, and who I am. I have gone through a little bit of life and turmoil, where I have experienced all of it, and I feel things in a different way than I did when I was in my 20s."

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