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UFC Octagon Girl Arianny Celeste Shares Swimsuit Photo of "Bali Blues"

Here are her top health tips.

Arianny Celeste is steaming up social media in her swimsuit. In one of her latest posts, the UFC Octagon Girl shows off her amazing body in a bathing suit while lounging in a pool. "Bali blues," she captioned the Instagram photos. "Absolutely breathtaking as always looking incredible so beautiful and sexy blessings!" commented one of her followers, while many others simply added fire emojis. How does the star keep herself in such amazing shape? Celebwell rounded up some of her top health tips. 


Take Supplements

You might not be getting all the nutrients you need from food sources, so Arianny suggests supplements. "I don't like to take any crazy, unnatural supplements, but I do use glutamine. I put it in my protein shakes, and it really helps with muscle soreness," she told Muscle and Fitness.


Eat Healthy But Cheat

"If you're craving something, eat it. Otherwise, you're going to eat something else that won't satisfy you, and eventually you'll eat what you craved anyway. Just don't overdo it," Arianny told Muscle and Fitness about her cheat meal theory.


Stick to High Intensity Exercise


Arianny sticks with high-intensity workouts, like HIIT with weights, kickboxing, hot yoga, and pilates. "I try to mix it up, so I don't get bored. It's important to do different workouts to shock the body, so it doesn't get used to the same workout day after day. This allows you to build muscle and burn calories. I think it's all about trying new things and evolving yourself. Sometimes you're going to want to take it easy. Other days you might push yourself to go harder, but always listen to your body," she told Women Fitness.


Do Lots of Glute Work

"I'm definitely a butt girl," Arianny told Muscle and Fitness. "I like a guy to have some nice glutes, so he needs to squat and lunge. Muay Thai is also great for the butt—it's a full-body workout. You can feel your abs and glutes work when you're kicking. I train with guys, and I've definitely slapped a couple around!" 


Approach Diet with Moderation

"I'm not on any special diet, but I live my life in moderation, for example, if I have a craving on the weekends, I'm going to let myself have pizza or In-N-Out Burger," Arianny told Women Fitness about her diet. "In-N-Out is my new thing on the weekends, but I'll eat lean meat as far as eating clean. I mostly eat fish, vegetables, brown rice, quinoa, and salads regularly throughout the week. Then again, on the weekends, if I want to indulge, I let myself. I think it's when you restrict yourself that leads to cravings and overeating, which will ultimately sabotage your attempts to improve nutrition and weight."

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