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UFC Star Nina-Marie Daniele Shares Swimsuit Photo "Ready for the Holidays"

She stays fit for work and play.

Nina-Marie Daniele is a lot of things. She started out as a model, being Playboy's Playmaker of The Year in 2017. Since then, she's become an influencer, making funny videos on Instagram. She's also begun reporting on UFC and MMA fights. Daniele shared a new photo on her Twitter. In it, Daniele posed in a red swimsuit with cut-outs, showing off her figure. She captioned the post, "Ready for the holidays." How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Nina-Marie Daniele stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She Shares Her Stories & Knowledge

In an interview with Playboy, Daniele talked about the importance of knowledge, and her definition of sexiness. "True sexiness is what you exude, not how you look, and that comes from life and experience. We all have our own stories to tell, and not being afraid to show that part of ourselves—I think that's very attractive. It's a mystery that you have, a mystery about you, because no one can ever know what you know. Only you can know that, and you're always learning. I think knowledge in general is very attractive, whether it's a talent you have, the way you speak, the way you hold yourself—all these things are sexy."


She Works Hard

Nina-Marie Daniele/Instagram

Daniele talked about her successes and career with Voyage LA. She says that she made sure to work hard. "I don't think anything I've ever tried to do in my life has been smooth 🤣 but I believe, because I worked for everything I have, I've never underestimated the amount of work necessary to find success in my craft. I also have a lot of admiration and respect for creators because it's not as easy as people make it seem. The viewer only sees the final product and not the energy, time and all the fails, trials and tribulations that went into the product that is anywhere between 6 seconds to minutes long or even hours!"


She's In Charge Of Her Life

Daniele tells Voyage LA that she had to take charge of her life to have success. "One of the hardest things is not allowing people to dictate your craft and guide your path. You have to take control and decide what's best for you, the people who understand you and engage and relate to what you put into the world will find you and appreciate you. If you constantly change yourself and your product to fit the narrative people want to see, you're destined to be a product of the internet and it's very easy to get swept up in the hype and then left behind. Once you decide what your want out of your life, you will attract that same energy."


She's Inspired By Others


Daniele tells Voyage LA that while she isn't inspired by a lot of things, there is one person she finds inspiration from. "I don't listen to many podcasts or use apps for anything as a resource but I do admire Gary Vee and his drive, motivation and his message. He's built an empire and really believes in himself, his people and wants to push people to better themselves and become what they've always wanted to be. I respect that!"


She Gets Some Sun

Sunshine is a natural source of Vitamin D, crucial for maintaining healthy bones and a strong immune system. For a UFC star like Nina-Marie Daniele, regular exposure to sunlight can offer significant benefits. Vitamin D enhances muscle strength and reduces inflammation, both vital for an athlete engaged in intense physical combat. Additionally, sunlight boosts mood and mental well-being through the release of serotonin, aiding in stress relief and mental focus—key factors in the high-pressure environment of competitive sports. Adequate sun exposure, combined with proper protection, can thus be a valuable element in Nina-Marie Daniele's training and recovery regimen, enhancing her overall physical and mental fitness.

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