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Ugly Betty Star Rebecca Romijn Shares Swimsuit Photo As "90s Supermodel"

Here’s why she learned to cook.

Ugly Betty star Rebecca Romijn is channeling her inner Linda Evangelista-type supermodel on the beach, and sharing the pictures on social media. Romijn, 51, who played Alexis Meade on the comedy, posted photos of herself wearing a bright gauzy coverup over a star-patterned bikini, posing against a beautiful ocean background. "Luenell sent me this garment from her new line so I 90's Supermodeled it. Love you Lue," she captioned the post. Here's what Romijn's diet and exercise looks like.


No Fear of Aging

Romijn has a philosophical approach to aging. "I don't have a huge fear of aging," she says. "I always thought my mom was so beautiful growing up no matter how many lines she had on her face. I admired my mom's laugh lines. I find peace in that and hope that when my daughters look at me, they do too… My girls are just on the cusp of starting to raid my closet. They're just starting to do it. In fact, I've started finding some of my things in their room. I'm like, it's starting already. I can't believe it… I think life is a whole game of acceptance. I think when you, especially as you get older, you just have to accept certain things and accepting your looks to a certain extent is part of that, just growing up, maturity."


Home Cooking


Romijn learned to cook after having children. "I waited as long as I could because I knew that I would have to once I had children," she says. "I don't like the mess that you have to clean up afterwards, so I get lazy sometimes and I order out. We go out to a lot of meals. I don't know, I've got a few things that I like to cook. I like to make a big soup that'll last for a while. It's tough to find something that my kids like, that I also like. So there's a broccoli cheddar soup that we all like, so I'll make a big thing that'll last. It's easy. I'm all about easy!"


Skincare Regimen


Romijn has a less-is-more approach to skincare. "I'm not somebody who wears makeup all the time, and when I do wear it I take it off well," she says. "But when I don't wear makeup, I don't always wash my face at night. I'm ashamed to admit it! I think there's something to be said about letting your natural oils do their job too. I mean, I always rinse and I always use a washcloth, but I don't always clean my skin the way everyone is told to clean their skin every day. And I use something called Oxygen Plasma that I love. It's something amazing that I feel like is a miracle for your skin."


Cardio and Pilates

Romijn works out whenever she finds time. "Ideally I would like to work out every day, but that never happens," she says. "I do Pilates four or five times a week. I try to get on a treadmill for a half hour, I do Pilates, I hike, I ride bikes if I can. But for the most part it's a lot of cardio and Pilates."


Yoga and Deep Breathing

Romijn feels at her best and healthiest "either after a 90-minute Bikram yoga session or after swimming. It's because of the deep breathing. When I breathe deeply is when I feel best," she says, adding that working out is how she deals with pressure surrounding body image: "Continuing to exercise no matter what. This goes back to breathing deeply and getting oxygen into your blood and doing whatever you can to feel good. It's all you can do."

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